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Upside Down 2: Every teenager would recognize themselves in it, but this too-funny idea wasn’t reserved for a Pixar movie

Upside Down 2: Every teenager would recognize themselves in it, but this too-funny idea wasn’t reserved for a Pixar movie

After the joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust that were featured in the first installment, Vice-Versa 2 introduced new characters that represent more complex emotions such as anxiety, boredom, shyness, envy, and nostalgia. But did you know that other emotions were offered, like a special personality island that spoke volumes to teenagers, but also to adults?

In a recent interview with ComicBook, the director On the contrary 2Kelsey Mann revealed an idea that didn’t pan out, an island of personality called “Land of Procrastination” that he wanted to be part of a potential third film.

Indeed, the first part presented the islands, these floating lands that enrich Riley’s personal qualities, such as ice hockey, his great passion, but also family, evil, friendship or even honesty. The Land of Procrastination may be one such special island.

One of my favorites is a place we came up with called Procrastination Land. It’s an island that I absolutely own, especially when I was a teenager. It was an island that had a big sign that said ‘Land of Procrastination’ and then ‘Coming Soon’. And Braz was like, “When are they going to build this place?!” It just stays there!’ They never built anything. This is such a funny idea. We struggled to understand his place in this particular story. I’m not going to say everything, there are other really funny things. So I say, “This has to be used somehow in the future.

Other emotions are considered

Screenwriter Meg Lefave, for her part, revealed other emotions that didn’t stick in the end.

I think from an emotional point of view, we tried for quite a while to bring shame and guilt into the film. Shame is more of a form of self-hatred that attacks you. We talked to many specialists about it“, he explained to ComicBook.

He continued: “Being different from shame isn’t really good for you because it just attacks you. Whereas guilt is taking responsibility and it’s behavior, not who you are.

However, as he added, these emotions “It never really worked“Because the heart of the plot of this second part revolved around anxiety:”For this version we really wanted to focus on anxiety. Otherwise, it would start to twist the plot too much.

But I think we all have this self-loathing in our heads and we were able to talk about it with projections and how anxiety can be the source of it all.“, followed Meg Lefov. “So I think it’s in the movie, but it’s something we researched and ultimately didn’t think was appropriate for this version.

While you wait to find out if the third installment will see the light of day with this island of procrastination and these other thrills, Vice-Versa 2 is showing in a cinema near you. And to see the first opus again, head over to Disney+.

Source: Allocine

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