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Tomorrow is ours: it seems to Timothy…

Tomorrow is ours: it seems to Timothy…

Warning, this article contains a lot of spoilers for tomorrow’s upcoming episodes. If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

Would Tomorrow Belong writers have planned a love story for Timothy (Gregory Champion)?

After breaking up with Elsa in December 2023, Victor Brunet’s son chose to put romantic relationships aside to avoid risking suffering.

If so far the young man has been putting all his energy into his professional career, the recent arrival of a new character may change the mind of the next episodes of the TF1 daily soap opera.

Indeed, Timothy had been in love with a young woman for some time, and it seemed that he did!

Timothy has a new love!

In A new extract is available on the TF1+ platformManon (Louise Bachelier) tries to understand why Timothée did the research on Rachel (Juliette Lemonnier). Although Aurora’s daughter already imagines that the latter has done something nefarious, she is always wrong. And for good reason, Timothy is actually attracted to Rachel.

I’ve seen it a few times now and it’s always the same. My heart beats fast, I sweat a lot, especially in my arms, and I’m very tense.“, he explains before continuing, “He reacts and this is a proof of great vigilance. He is very friendly, very attentive and then he is beautiful“.

When Manon says that she is rather banal, Timothée points out that she is not objective at all. Manon doesn’t really like Rachel because she had a love affair with Nordin (Youssef Agal) in the past. “I have no commitments or emotional ties that cloud my judgment. I see Rachel for who she is and she is very charming– assures Timothy. It is enough to leave Manon speechless!

Is a love story between Timothy and Rachel possible?

Everything seems to believe so! According to the information Current newsRachel also confides in Victor (Farooq Bermuga) that she will find her son.Exciting“.

Even if there’s still very little hint of a budding romance between Timothy and Rachel, the official synopses revealed by TF1 put us on that track a bit more.

In the next episodes of the series, Timothy will be “Emphasize a romantic dinner“It’s only a step from there to imagining a young man getting ready to spend an evening with Rachel.

So, will Timothy and Rachel make the next popular couple Tomorrow Belongs to Us? Answer me soon!

Source: Allocine

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