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Aguinaldo Silva Reveals If He Would Accept Return to Globo, Praises 3 Soap Opera Writers

Aguinaldo Silva Reveals If He Would Accept Return to Globo, Praises 3 Soap Opera Writers

Outside Globe since 2020, Aguinaldo Silvawhich he had at 41-year partnership with the broadcasterHe opened up and revealed whether he would return to work at the company.

In an interview with Veja magazine, the writer declared: “After everything that happened I would go back to work at the station, I’m a professional. But obviously the conditions would have to be evaluated. In my biography, I’m an author who has only written soap operas for prime time.”

Silva stressed that he has 16 storylines made for the best moment on television and stressed that he will not break this rule.

The playwright said that in addition to a synopsis that was sent to the Globehas three more ready. In fact, one of them is in negotiations with a Portuguese broadcaster.

Aguinaldo Silva gives his opinion on the authors

In the conversation, the ex-global also said that many authors are too concerned with renewing the genre. However, the artist believes that it is not renewable.

“A soap opera is a melodrama, it is intense drama, unbridled passion. It is useless: the central themes of every soap opera are family disputes for power and a great love between two people who suffer for 180 chapters until everything is resolved.“, he summarized.

“When I see the plots that are in the airwith the exception of a few starting from the six o’clock time slot, I have a certain sense of staleness, I see that the authors try to be modern and end up losing the essence of the genre”modified.

Aguinaldo admitted that in his opinion only three people actually do soap operas nowadays. They are: Glória Perez, João Emanuel Carneiro and Walcyr Carrasco.

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