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Prime Video: Sci-Fi, Horror… 5 Absolutely Crazy Movies to Discover on the Platform

Prime Video: Sci-Fi, Horror… 5 Absolutely Crazy Movies to Discover on the Platform

Cinematic curiosities, if you feel like you always see the same movies on streaming platforms, you are in the right place. Prime Video is full of little oddities, and AlloCiné offers five of them to discover or rediscover.

Killer clowns elsewhere

No, the title is not a joke, and even if it sounds like a tour, you might be surprised. Directed by Stephen Chiodo, Killer Clowns from Elsewhere is a typical eighties B-series with a completely insane plot: a meteorite hits a small town and two teenagers discover a circus tent at the site of the impact. The aliens here are clowns who are ready to kill the population.

Between science fiction, horror and comedy, this film is not recommended for coulrophobes – the fear of clowns, but for others it is guaranteed to be strange and original fun!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

No introduction needed. If you’ve never seen the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you’ve probably heard about it. If the original is a movie classic, its sequel is less well known. It is no less interesting because its tone is radically opposite. Here’s Tobe Hooper – the director of the first one – going wild.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 works because it crosses the line into stupidity, and if you thought the family was scary in the original movie, you ain’t seen nothing. This sequel, among other things, contains one of the most effective leaps in horror cinema.

Life force, evil star

Still by Tobe Hooper, Lifeforce wasn’t a huge success when it hit theaters in the mid-eighties, which explains its confidential aspect. Still, it’s one of the weirdest and most creative sci-fi movies ever made. The concept is simple: space vampires.

After examining the spaceship, two men and a woman are found. When in contact with people, they absorb their “life energy”. In order to survive, their victims must also vamp up new humans.

child’s play

This is the most famous movie on this list: Chucky’s First Steps in Cinema. With Child’s Play, audiences are introduced to this character who has become iconic. Despite the passing years, it still remains disturbing, funny and entertaining, especially thanks to the talent of Brad Dourif, the actor who provides his voice for the original version of the doll.

Disturbing Anecdote: Although it seems surreal, the child’s play is inspired by real events that took place in 1906, where a young boy, Robert Eugène Otto, was given a doll that was stranger than it seemed.

Poltergeist 2

This sequel to the popular film Poltergeist finds the characters following the events of the first film. And if it’s not quite as successful, it does have some moments of excitement to its credit, especially thanks to the character Reverend Kane, the story’s big bad guy.

He is portrayed by actor Julian Beck, who was seriously ill during filming, which accounts for the character’s exceptional physicality. Unfortunately, the star passed away before the film could hit theaters.

All these movies are available on Prime Video.

Source: Allocine

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