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After Fall’s Anatomy vs. Dodin Buffan Controversy, Change Made for 2025 Oscars

After Fall’s Anatomy vs. Dodin Buffan Controversy, Change Made for 2025 Oscars

Who is best qualified to choose France’s Oscar nominee for Best International Film? That question was asked by many when The Passion of Dodin Bouffant was selected, to the detriment of Anatomy of the Fall, which some saw as an obvious and natural Oscar contender.

This non-selection caused a lot of ink flow. To the point that it was difficult for the director of Dodin Buffan’s Passions, who convinced him that he did not understand the violence he had to face. As we know, Anatomy of the Fall ended up receiving several Oscar nominations and even won the Best Screenplay statuette.

Not wanting to repeat this scenario for the 2025 Oscar nominations, the National Motion Picture Center issued a press release announcing changes aimed at “To strengthen the independence of the selection commission of the French candidate“.

The commission now consists of 11 members and 5 alternates

We offer the press release in full:

“The CNC has replaced the commission responsible for selecting the Oscar for Best International Film.

The Commission will now consist of eleven members and five alternates, compared to the current seven, to promote collegiality of debate, diversity of viewpoints and the confidential nature of each member’s vote. In addition, instead of one year, the commission will now be appointed for a two-year term. Finally, the President of the CNC will no longer attend the sessions as an observer.

These three modifications will help to strengthen the independence of the commission, both from the point of view of public authorities and professional interests. “Olivier Hennard, Director General and Interim President of CNC, emphasizes.

In order to facilitate the hearings of the candidate teams and the deliberations of the members, a president shall be appointed from among these eleven members, who shall have the casting vote in the event of a tie vote.

The members, appointed at all times by the Minister responsible for Culture on the proposal of the President of the CNC, shall be entirely qualified persons in the field of cinema and in accordance with the statutes of the Academy of Cinema and Sciences. (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences), at least half of the persons so designated shall have the status of motion picture artists or technicians (“Artists and/or Artisans in the Field of Motion Pictures”).

The selection process of the French Oscar candidate also remains unchanged. Thus, as in the past, the president of UniFrance, the organization responsible for promoting and supporting the winning work during the Oscar campaign, will attend as a voice observer.

Films wishing to represent France at the Oscars this year must formally submit their application by July 15. The commission will then meet twice in September: first to draw up a shortlist of 3 to 5 films, then second to make the final selection.

Therefore, in September we will know which film can represent France at the 2025 Oscars!

Source: Allocine

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