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Tomorrow Belongs To Us: Known for her role in Tandem, who is Nellie Lawson, the translator of the melody in the series?

Tomorrow Belongs To Us: Known for her role in Tandem, who is Nellie Lawson, the translator of the melody in the series?

On September 6, 2023, a new female character debuted in Tomorrow Belongs To Us. This is Melody Place (Nellie Lawson), a physical education and sports teacher at Agnes Varda High School.

Over the course of the episodes, the young woman, always beaming and in a great mood, grows closer to Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui), to the point of becoming his lover. Although the couple went through a difficult time with the arrival of Lucien (son of Georges and Vanessa), they are still together. But a new change puts their relationship to the test…

Melody Place, her dark secret has finally been revealed

In the final episodes of the hit TF1 series, two lovers, Clarice Belinsky and John Kovac (Jean-Michel Peril), were killed. And during the investigation, mysterious clues suggested that Melody was involved in this double murder.

And for good reason, a stone shaped like a young woman’s ring was found in John Kovac’s garage. But in the end it turned out that Melody was innocent. In fact, the culprit is none other than Clarisse’s husband (Frédéric Guo) Igor Belinsky.

But the twists didn’t stop there. Indeed, we found out that Melody and John Kovak were a couple when they were teenagers. A child was born from their love: Bastien Kovac (Nicolas Jacquenes). But Melody, not ready for her new role as a mother, decided to abandon the child.

As a result, Bastien was raised by his father, without a mother figure. In the Wednesday, July 10, episode 1723, Melody confesses the truth to Bastien. Unfortunately, the teenager, bereaved by the recent death of his father, first considers Melody as his simple parent. So will time help him forgive his mother for abandoning him at birth?

In any case, the next episodes promise to be an attempt at a tune. While you wait to find out how the relationship between mother and son develops, here’s everything you need to know about Nellie Lawson, the interpreter of melody in the series.

Nellie Lawson, the leading face of Tandem

After training at the Compagnie du Réfectoire in Bordeaux, Nellie Lawson received her National Higher Professional Diploma in Acting in the summer of 2013 at the École supérieure d’art Dramatique (ESAD) in Paris.

After getting hold of this precious sesame, Nellie Lawson began her career as an artist with regular appearances in the major theaters of France and even landed the lead role in Moliere’s musical Monsieur de Pourceaugnac. This adaptation by Sébastien Lagarde was accepted at the Avignon Film Festival in 2014.

After her first steps on the stage, Nellie Lawson tried her hand at the cinema, with her first role in a short film by Stephane Brize called 1 sur seize. But it was really in 2015 that he began his career as an actor, appearing briefly in Stephane Kapes’ TV movie Murder in Avignon.

The following year, Nellie Lawson landed the role that made her famous: the role of Lieutenant Camille Barbier in the series Tandem, which aired on France 3. He starred alongside Stéphane Blancafort (who plays Marc Leroy in the series Ici tout begins) and Astrid Velyon.

Today marks more than seven years since Nellie Lawson played the character regularly on the small screen, and she was featured in Tandem: Back to the Past in a special 1h30 episode that aired on January 2, 2024.

In addition to her two recurring roles in Tandem and Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Nellie Lawson has occasionally appeared in successful series such as Candace Renoir, The Art of Crime, The Traveler or, more recently, Panda with Julien Doré.

In 2022, she also starred in the TV movie Murders in Nancy, opposite Jerome Anthony, Sophie-Marie Laroux, Fabrice Deville and Christiana Real. Judging by his filmography, detective series and movies seem to really stick to him.

Finally, this year Nellie Lawson landed the lead role in the short film La Nuit d’Hestia directed by Adrian Vannouch. This fantastic film won the prestigious 2024 International Prize at the Nikon Film Festival. A great recognition for this actor who is especially used to serials.

Source: Allocine

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