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Press pause during the credits of The Greatest Showman: No one noticed this Marvel character!

Press pause during the credits of The Greatest Showman: No one noticed this Marvel character!

Not content to be among the heroes of Marvel’s 7 feature films (soon to be 8 with the next Deadpool due in our theaters on July 24th), Wolverine is a character who likes to appear in movies other than himself.

Wolverine is hiding in the movie…

Played by Hugh Jackman for 24 years, the clawed and immortal mutant famously strolled through X-Men: The Beginning (where he met a young Charles Xavier and Magneto in a memorable cameo), Deadpool 2’s post-credits sequence, and even a (very visually ugly) scene in Fantastic 4 from, in 2005.

Wolverine also happened, as we’re about to see today, to make a small foray outside the Marvel universe in a film where we didn’t expect him at all: the successful musical comedy The Greatest Showman, which also starred Hugh Jackman. But if you don’t know its exact location in the feature film, chances are you never noticed it.

…in 1 hour, 37 minutes and 26 seconds

If you hope to see it, you’ll have to wait for the end credits of the film and hit the pause button on your remote at exactly 1 hour, 37 minutes and 26 seconds, the moment James Mangold’s name appears. screen. The executive producer of The Greatest Showman, this filmmaker is best known for directing Wolverine: The Battle of the Immortal and Logan, both dedicated to our adamantium friend.

To pay him a subtle little homage, the famous mutant was hidden from the screen when Mangold’s name appeared. don’t you see Look better! Select one of the corners of the image and zoom in on the highlight here. If you look a little (or a lot) closer, you’ll see that it’s a silhouette with crossed arms and three long claws on each fist. In other words…Wolverine.

Have you seen another little nod like this in The Great Showman?

(Re)discover all the mistakes in the movie…

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