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Where do the monsters in A Quiet Place come from? Director answers

Where do the monsters in A Quiet Place come from? Director answers

Where do the monsters in A Quiet Place come from? Director answers

In the latest film in the franchise, A Quiet Place: Day One, which is currently showing in theaters, we see more of the creatures.

A Quiet Place: Day Onenew chapter of the franchise A Quiet Placehas given us some new clues about the sound-sensitive monsters that have invaded Earth and taken it over, annihilating all humans in their path. But where do the creatures come from?

In an interview with IndieWirethe director and screenwriter of the novelty, Michael Sarnoski (PIG: The Revenge), revealed the origin of the beings, confirming that they are, in fact, aliens: “I guess I can say that because he [John Krasinski, que comandou os dois primeiros filmes] I’ve said in previous interviews, being quite sincere about [a origem das criaturas]”it started.

“These creatures were from another planet. That planet was destroyed, and they were thrown across the cosmos like small meteorites, and they landed on our planet.”explained the filmmaker.

“It’s kind of this idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintroducing a new species into an ecosystem and seeing what happens. I like the simplicity of it. I didn’t feel the need to point it out openly. [no novo filme]”continued. “I like the idea that they’re just a force of nature, and on their home planet they probably had a different ecosystem and environment, but now we’ve become prey to this predator on our planet.”

What is the story of A Quiet Place: Day One?

Starring Lupita Nyong’o (Us) It is Joseph Quinn (Stranger Things), A Quiet Place: Day One is set before the events of A Quiet Place(2018) and A Quiet Place: Part II(2020), taking the focus off the family Abbott for the first time.

In history, Sam (Nyong’o) is a poet living with terminal cancer, who spends her days in a group home in New York. During a trip to the city, her life changes when she witnesses the world being taken over by lethal creatures.

Amidst the chaos, she meets the law student Eric (Quinn). At first, Sam She is reluctant, but ends up agreeing to allow the boy to accompany her in an attempt to fulfill her last wish: to eat pizza at the place she used to go with her father when she was a child.

In addition to Lupita Nyong’o It is Joseph Quinnthe cast of the new film also includes Alex Wolff (Hereditary) It is Djimon Hounsouwhich was first introduced in A Quiet Place: Part II. Watch the trailer:

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