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Powerful fragile

Powerful fragile

Admitting one’s shortcomings and resigning for the collective are tests of courage, never of incompetence.

A few days ago, the British publication The Economist defended the resignation of Joe Biden, the current president of the United States, from the race for re-election, and put a photo of a walker on its cover next to the headline “Unable to lead a country”.

It is contradictory. After all, it is accessibility equipment that provides autonomy and independence to people with disabilities – just as Franklin Roosevelt did in his wheelchair – exactly the opposite of what mainstream media around the world suggests in a distressing debate about the physical and intellectual condition of Joe Biden.

I want to believe that Biden will give in and give up the dispute, but not because he considers himself incompetent, on the contrary, he tends to become a hero of “good against evil”, a character who has given up his shield and sword in honor of the people and in defense of the nation.

The American president’s cognition has long been questioned. Now 81, he has found himself several times – since he assumed the role of leader of the (still) great world power, both military and economic – in situations of disorientation and lethargy.

The situation has worsened exponentially since the last debate with former Republican President Donald Trump, just three years younger than Biden, but willing to trade blows.

Biden then said he was exhausted, consumed by the presidential agenda.

If it were just any boy, from any corner of our country, the family would probably discuss interdiction and hospitalization, a combination often suggested for the “dignity” of the elderly in our country.

Highlighting Joe Biden’s weaknesses, attributing qualities to his shortcomings, looking for inabilities, will motivate a show of counterforce, and there is enormous power provided by the presidency of the United States, even in the hands of a weakened man, a general assessment of Biden at this time.

We can use this scenario to reflect on ageism and ableism.

Admitting one’s weaknesses is an act of courage, especially when the body shows difficulties in rehabilitation and the rational option is to devise strategies to live with the disability and move forward safely.

It is not defeatism, nor weakness of character. It is an exercise in self-knowledge, a completely individual perception surrounded by opinions and pressures.

It’s all lives, it’s empirical. Aging has consequences on the brain, regardless of how the individual has lived time.

If he stays in the fight, what troops will Biden have at his disposal and what armor will he use to avoid falling? His group, explains The Economist, is at the head of the Democratic Party and, therefore, has all the resources possible – including accessibility – to give maximum support to the president in his quest for re-election.

Source: Terra

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