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You’ll never see Vice-Versa and Soul the same again!  This Pixar theory is interesting and connects the two films

You’ll never see Vice-Versa and Soul the same again! This Pixar theory is interesting and connects the two films

We’re only talking about Vice-Versa 2! Pixar’s latest entry, directed by Kelsey Mann and produced by Mark Nielsen, is currently breaking all box office records, becoming the first film of 2024 to reach the billion-dollar mark at the box office.

Meanwhile, the animated film, which introduces new concepts to the franchise, is getting rave reviews from the press and the public. There is no doubt: it is a great success.

With a slight jump in time, the sequel to the 2015 Oscar-winning film follows Riley, an aging protagonist who goes through a terrifying puberty. At the same time, new emotions appear in the center of emotional control. Eternal joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust, who have been successfully operating for many years, do not really know how to feel when new residents, anxiety, envy, shame and boredom, enter the building…

Is Riley 22?

We already introduced this theory in 2021, and here it is again: Riley would actually be 22 years old, a weary little soul. There are indeed several coincidences that prove Riley’s “true parentage” before his birth.

According to the theory, which can also be found in online forums, the characters’ personalities are the same, except that they both love pizza and have appeared in movies directed by the same director, Pete Docter. The opposite of the first and Drunk. Riley and 22 indeed share the same zest for life and the same enthusiasm: two qualities that were instilled in the little soul at the end of her day with Joe.

In addition to these details, in the last scene DrunkThe 22-year-old seems to be flying happily down to earth, ready to start her own life after a day of studying Joe Gardner. The first plan On the contraryMeanwhile, little Riley opens her eyes for the first time. Accordingly, the opposite will begin exactly where Drunk the end

Moreover, the wanderings of 22 at the end DrunkWhen he momentarily becomes a lost soul, it’s very similar to Riley’s escape at the end On the contrary. Both experience a moment of deep depression from which they eventually emerge recovered and adults.

Some online are also noting the similarity in the eyes of the two characters and that the teenager’s birthday should be on January 22nd…

Finally, the two films seem to have a common theme: If Drunk explores the making of our personality, On the contrary And its continuation tells about the preservation of the same personality.

If this theory, it is quite interesting to admit, turns out to be true, we will never see two films in the same way…

Vice-Versa 2 is currently showing at a theater near you. The first part and soul can be rediscovered on Disney+.

A similar article has already been published on our Brazilian site Adorocinema.com.

Source: Allocine

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