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Tonight with the Family: Pixar first made us cry 21 years ago with this movie

Tonight with the Family: Pixar first made us cry 21 years ago with this movie

In the peaceful city of Monstropolis, a parallel society to human society, the citizens are monstrous creatures who do not light themselves with electricity or heat themselves with gas: to power cars, lamps and household appliances. Their only source of energy comes from crying babies.

A prestigious company called Monsters & Co. and its talented elite terrors are tasked with sneaking into little people’s bedrooms at night through their closet doors to chill behind them and collect their precious howls. But be careful! Under no circumstances should they contact them if they do not want to remain contaminated.

The day Sally, the company’s most talented employee, accidentally brings a 3-year-old girl back into the world of monsters, tragedy strikes!

  • Tonight with the Family: Made 24 years ago, this movie is one of the funniest to come out of Pixar

After toys and insects…

After creating a real earthquake in the world of animation (and cinema in general) in the mid-90s, the artists of the Pixar studio are approaching the new decade with confidence, determination and talent. Still under contract with Disney, they are full of brilliant ideas waiting for new feature films.

Here, after toys and insects, they choose to take a step back and become interested in the monsters of the society they created from scratch. More inventive than ever, gifted with a constant sense of humor and a flawless script, their fourth feature largely lives up to its predecessors.

… monsters

One of Pixar’s co-founders, Pete Docter confided, Monsters is taking on new challenges in terms of animation, especially those that consist of creating Sally’s abundant blue fur or staging a spectacular race-chase through the company. A million doors, at the end of the movie.

Technically speaking, the feature film is therefore a real success, but above all it is the effectiveness of its script that wins the day. We especially remember the exciting chemistry that reigns between Bob and Sally, as well as the painful final sequence in which the big monster has to accompany the little owl to his room and say goodbye to him before destroying the door.

Even if Pixar has already managed to wet their audience’s pupils with Jessie’s song in Toy Story 2, it’s probably this sequence that will bring them to their first tears… which certainly won’t be their last.

What will you like…

  • Humor and sympathy were immediately revealed by the film’s two main characters, especially thanks to their excellent French voices: Jacques Franz for Sally and Eric M├ęteier for Bob.
  • A great final chase, with doors!

What could be bothering them…

  • The movie’s villain, Leon the Chameleon, might impress even the youngest viewers.
  • Monsters & Co’s creepy secretary Germaine also has every chance to scare the youngest.

(Re)discover all the hidden details of ‘Monsters & Co’…

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