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Tonight on TV: One of the best detective movies of the 70s

Tonight on TV: One of the best detective movies of the 70s

If you’ve never seen The French Connection, then, with all due respect, we think there’s a big gap in your cinephile. Good news: You can fill it up this Monday night on Arte, the channel that broadcasts this classic detective film, the first big hit from William Friedkin, who would later sign The Exorcist.

French connectionInspired by the 1969 Robin Moore book, it tells the story of two narcotics cops, Buddy Russo (Roy Scheider) and Jimmy Doyle, aka Popeye (Gene Hackman), who find themselves on the trail of a large drug shipment. Heroine from Marseille. From hideouts to leftovers, from arrests to chases through the streets of New York, they will destroy what the crime archives now call… the French Connection.

French connectionA New Hollywood masterpiece, it’s still as impressive more than half a century after its theatrical release in 1972. in a style close to documentary, William Friedkin Signs an immersive, breathtaking, intense, dark and brilliantly staged film. Did you say classic?

French connection It is distinguished by realism. The realism was further emphasized as Eddie Egan and Sonny Grosso, the characters of the original novel, intervened in the film as technical consultants (they are also on screen as the two detective bosses).

5 Oscars and the anthology chase

Filmed in harsh winter weather conditions, with temperatures sometimes dropping below -7 degrees. French connection It won 5 statues at the Oscars: Best Film, Best Director William FriedkinBest Actor for an Actor Gene HackmanBest Adapted Screenplay and Best Editing.

It’s hard to finish this article without mentioning the incredible chase French connection. A true anthology moment that, surprisingly, wasn’t really planned. for the sake of realism, William Friedkin He really left a lot of freedom in the course of the pursuit. Very big, even after the accident Gene HackmanReal, not planned!

Are you ready to enjoy a must-see detective movie? Don’t hesitate a second!

Tonight at Arte at 20:55.

William Friedkin discusses “The French Connection” on AlloCin√©:

Source: Allocine

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