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Elias: The End of the Action Movie With Roshdi Zem Announces a Sequel?

Elias: The End of the Action Movie With Roshdi Zem Announces a Sequel?

Elyas , an action movie between Man on Fire , John Wick and The Equalizer , starring Roshdi Zem as a former special forces soldier, hit theaters on July 3rd. Lonely and paranoid, Elias Flores becomes the guardian of 13-year-old Noor and her mother Amina, who are from the Middle East. While the ex-warrior and the young girl get to know each other, a mysterious commando targets them. Elias will stop at nothing to save her.

Can this quiet and charismatic character become a saga like John Wick or The Equalizer? We asked Roshdi Zem and director Florent Emilio-Siri this question at the press day dedicated to the film. “In this regard, we are going to succeed in theaters. The question then becomes: if there is success, should we bring the character back?The 58-year-old actor confides.

How strong?

“If we do the second one, with what story? And there, it becomes a problem of creativity. It’s only interesting if we come back with something stronger, stronger than the last one. For me, the sine qua non condition if we ever come back. I had to make a sequel, which has never happened in my career, It’s for it to be stronger than the first movie, otherwise it’s just going to be disappointing for us.Adds the Oscar-winning actress Roubaix, light.

On the other hand, the director Florent Emilio-Siri does not close the door either: “Cinema is made to dream, so we dream. That’s how I created the character, you can do another Elias. Now the film has to work, it has to be enjoyable, that’s how it works”According to the filmmaker, this was revealed in 2002 thanks to Nest of Wasps.

Jean Michel

open door

“Elias could also just be a solo movie; then I open a door at the end that’s not just the opening of a sequel. I wanted the hero to finish all the villains in the movie, even if I’m gone. One alive… But there was this idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening the door as well. Jean Michel. We can continue this initiative story together.”Florent Emilio-Siri concludes.

In anticipation of a possible sequel, Elias will be released in theaters on July 3.

Source: Allocine

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