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“The Majestic and the Moving”: Rated 4.1 out of 5, this is Roshdi Zemi’s best film

“The Majestic and the Moving”: Rated 4.1 out of 5, this is Roshdi Zemi’s best film

From July 3, Roshdi Zemi returned to the cinema with the action film Elyas, directed by Florent-Emilio Sire. In anticipation of the film’s release date, we take a look at the César-winning actor’s filmography for Rubé, Une Lumière. What is the best feature film of his career according to AlloCiné viewers?

What is the best work with Roschdy Zem?

With a score of 4.1 out of 5 (5344 average ratings), Go, Live and Become is Roshdi Zem’s best movie! Released in March 2005, it is directed by Radu Mihaileanu. History takes us to 1984. Thousands of Africans from 26 famine-stricken countries end up in camps in Sudan.

At the initiative of Israel and the United States, a large-scale operation is being carried out to transfer thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. A Christian mother encourages her nine-year-old son to declare himself Jewish in order to save him from starvation and death. The child descends on the holy ground. Declared an orphan, he was adopted by a French Sephardic family living in Tel Aviv.

He grows up afraid that his double secret and lie will not be discovered: neither Jewish, nor orphan, only black. He discovers love, Western culture, Jewishness, but also racism and war in the occupied territories.

They liked it

Justinegh (5/5): “I thought this movie was brilliant with actors who were so accurate and exciting!

Gamoreen (5/5): “An excellent film: very good story, well told without turning into melodrama, good actors, we are drawn from the beginning to the end.”

Diki2 (5/5): “I experienced a great and beautiful story that moved me deeply with the accuracy of the tone and the spiritual dimension. Above all, I saw in it a parable full of optimism and hope, which testifies that humanism in this world can triumph over many dogmas. Fears and religious fundamentalism.”

Freddie (5/5): “A moving and exciting fresco. The staging is full of tact, tenderness and intelligence. All this without falling into pathos and melodrama, when it would be too easy for this type of story.”

They didn’t like it

Damien D (1.5/5): “I didn’t relate to this story, I wanted to feel emotions, but it wasn’t like that.

Kibruk (2.5/5): “Mihaileanu, instead of focusing on the child’s upbringing in his adoptive family, loses the thread of his narrative, forgetting some very beautiful characters to get lost in a saga that combines individual and historical events.”

Akamaru (2/5): “Go, live, and become a reservoir of beautiful moments of emotion, but they are constantly weakened by the annoying tics of the staging. Mihaileanu should have shortened the total duration by 20 minutes for more percussion and to limit the outpouring of his humanism that goes beyond a certain point. Limit it, make it awkward.”

Source: Allocine

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