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Julies Joins Sofia Gayoso in New ‘Quem Sabe’

Julies Joins Sofia Gayoso in New ‘Quem Sabe’

One of the highlights of Brazilian pop reggaesinger and songwriter Julies, invited Sofia Gayoso, one of the emerging voices of Northeastern pop, to sing in Who knowswith production of Zaynresponsible for the successes of MC Zaac and Anita. The song, now available on all digital platforms, combines two rhythms, in addition to the singer’s voice and the artist’s delicious accent.

The motto “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” is the central aspect of the duo’s new song, which fits perfectly into a special sound melody. Furthermore, Julieswith your 8.5 million streams on Spotifywho also wrote hits like Promise AND Lonelinessfrom the group Maneuverhe says he has chosen Sofia for the collaboration because he was enchanted by her voice and declared her a great revelation of Brazilian music.

“I was enchanted by Sofia’s way of singing as soon as I heard her open her mouth. There was an incredible musical connection in the first note. She is undoubtedly one of the promises of the music of the Northeast and Brazil”, marked.

Already Sofia, one of the promises of North-East music, who has already shared the stage with no one else, none other than JulietHe says that music comes precisely to do justice to life’s opportunities, to inspire everyone to seize them, especially in love, and he spares no words to praise the partnership and its concept.

“Quem Sabe is more than a song, it’s a motto of life, to be played without regrets. It’s better to regret what you’ve done, rather than not having done anything and being left wondering ‘what if…’. Being happy IS now! The song is about throwing yourself into love, without fear, besides being very beautiful in the lyrics, in the melody and in the message”, She said.

In the clip, directed by Rodrigo Pysiwho directed works with names such as Soul Djem, Macucos AND Plant and rootthis becomes even clearer with the story of two people who exude desire to experience love and throw themselves into it without fear. The song is also signed by Decoindicated to Latin Grammys in 2021 in the category Best song in Portuguesewith Tears of joyIn Maneuver AND Born.

Julies released “Tudo Mais Bonito”, produced by Los Brasileros, in February

Julies released the song on February 2nd of this year Everything more beautiful. Composed in collaboration with Lucas Good vibes, DEKO AND Third of Chickensbusinessman from Maneuverthe track features the trio’s production The Brazilianswinners of Latin Grammys with Karol G and responsible for the work of names such as Jao, Life, Luisa Sonza, Anitta, Luisa Sonza AND Daytime foods. With a great team, the track promises to be a great new development in the artist’s career.

Everything more beautiful It comes at a fantastic time in Julies’ career. After having passed the 6 million plays on Spotify alone, 3 million of them won in 2023the song is the third of his new musical era.

“I am having the opportunity to produce with one of the biggest names in music in the world. It is impressive to see the process of transforming my poems into powerful songs. We are preparing a beautiful album that will finally be released in 2024“.

The report of Julies with the band it’s been a long time. At the end of 2023, the artists went on a joint tour Australiawith shows in different cities, in addition to the release of the single Our feelings, song that has more than 1 million streams on Spotify alone.

About Julies

Julies is one of the leading names in reggae and pop reggae in Brazil, known for his catchy and melodic lyrics. With a promising career and a legion of devoted fans, he continues to move audiences with his authentic music and energetic performances. The singer is one of the authors of the songs Promise AND Lonelinessthe band’s last two singles Maneuver.

In his luggage he has his debut album Beginning middle and enda critical and public success and packed with special appearances.

With the presence of names like Maneuver in the lane Our feelingsAnna Lu & Zapi In Smokeboth singles who have already accumulated more than 1.3 million streams in each, Deco In Handsome, good atmosphere in the song When you come AND Viegas In She rocksThe debut album contains 10 songs: 9 tracks and an acoustic version.


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