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‘It Reminds Me of the X-Men’: Still at the top of Netflix’s top 5, this sci-fi series stands out

‘It Reminds Me of the X-Men’: Still at the top of Netflix’s top 5, this sci-fi series stands out

Number 1: SupraCell

In London, a group of ordinary people with nothing in common develop superpowers. Michael Lasaki will have to bring them together to save the woman he loves.

Viewer rating: 3.6/5

According to Noah (5/5)

I loved this series, I was hooked, I recommend it to fans of Afro-British and Afro-American series, and for those who like drug and urban series, I can’t wait for season 2.

by flower 0478 (5/5)

I liked the series. I finished season 1 quickly. The actors play my role well. The series reminds me of X-MEN, I can’t wait to discover season 2. I highly recommend this new series.

According to Boris B (3/5)

We’ll say it’s not bad, but it’s too much déjà vu… nothing new. No surprises, characters with no charisma…easy to watch and no rush to see what happens next.

why does it work

A superhero series that isn’t a Marvel series? This is already a good point to escape from “superhero fatigue”. SupraCell seems to be reinventing the genre, already with their act in London, England. A British touch always makes a difference, especially when you turn to a popular series like Misfits. There’s a little The Wire side, in the context of ‘South London’, that area of ​​the capital where gangs clash. The short six-episode format doesn’t hurt either. You can watch the series in one day!

Number 2: The Man with a Thousand Children

Families discover that the charismatic man they trusted is the father of hundreds, even thousands of children around the world.

Viewer rating: 3.1/5

why does it work

If you thought you’d heard it all, Netflix is ​​always here to prove you wrong. So again is The Man of a Thousand Children, a four-episode docu-series focusing on Jonathan Jacob Meijer, a Dutchman determined to become the world’s greatest ancestor. This investigation is worth it for its testimonies, revelations and strange personality of the subject.

Number 3: Parts of Our Lives

Due to a very rare phenomenon, a woman finds out that she is expecting twins from two different fathers. Then he tries to keep his family and his secrets hidden.

Viewer rating: 3.1/5

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why does it work

This is a new South American telenovela that is currently a hit on the platform and without any promotion it will be included in this weekly top 5. Les Morceaux de notre vie has all the ingredients to please French audiences: soap, drama, incredible stories (almost, because heteropathic superfecundation exists, even if it’s extremely rare) and a heroine we relate to.

Number 4: The Coca Clans

Ana, an experienced lawyer who cuts her teeth in one of the best law firms in Madrid, decides to turn her back on the past once and for all and settles in Cambados.

Viewer rating: 2.9/5

According to Equicine (4/5)

A taste of unfinished business. Season 2 is a must, otherwise it’s a pretty cool series that has the distribution side of the product to show rather than the production side like Narcos. Not the best Spanish series, but worth watching

According to Luckyhalet (0.5/5)

A recluse lawyer who quits his law firm to play cop to avenge his father. And as luck would have it, she falls in love with the boy responsible for her father’s murder. A series for rumbies to avoid

by Lionel33000 (3.5/5)

New Spanish detective series, nothing new, but effective. Good distribution of roles with good actors. For viewing pleasure…

why does it work

Coke Clans continues to top Netflix charts after three weeks! We have to believe that this “recipe” – quite typical of the platform’s Spanish products – is a winning formula. A detective series based on a true story, but largely dissolved into an impossible novel, and boom, success is there! It’s clearly not the credibility of the script here, but the two main actors, their chemistry and their impossible love story.

Number 5: The Bridgerton Chronicles

Penelope Featherington has finally given up on longtime love Colin Bridgerton after she found out he had been making disparaging comments about her. However, she decided it was time to get a husband, preferably one who would give her enough independence to continue her double life as Lady Whistledown, away from her mother and sisters.

Viewer rating: 3.8/5

According to Christine D (5/5):

“That being said, overall the story is justified. All the actors perform with cheerful colors, hats off to Colin and Penelope’s interpreters, their interpretations are excellent. Recommended if you want to have a good moment of romance in another age, don’t worry about it. It’s really a good time to relax!”

According to Flower 0478 (5/5):

“For my part, season 3, which I preferred to season 1, is dedicated to my favorite, which is Penelope, I love her character, she is beautiful, there is a wonderful alchemy between her and Colin, a very beautiful romance, I finished the season quickly, I highly recommend it.”

According to Simon Bernard (3/5):

Season 3 of “The Bridgerton Chronicles” takes on the same spices that flavored the first two versions: marriage, balls and gossip. The vibe and atmosphere this season is just as (if not more?) spectacular. Out of the ordinary and visually, the episodes look like a culprit, but playing on the same narrative arcs, we’re starting to get a little tired of Croisons’ lack of license to mention the actress playing Penelope, who perfectly manages to transition between glamor and class.”

why does it work

The third season of Bridgerton is a huge success for Netflix. The series will not leave the charts of the best viewers after the release date of the first part on May 16. The second installment, released on June 13, revived subscriber appeal for this flurry of episodes centered on the love story of Penelope Fetherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton).

The couple caused even more reactions among Internet users than the series produced by Shonda Rhimes. The public admired their romance, which is based on friendship, emotions, communication and always pleasant twists.

Source: Allocine

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