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‘I auditioned so many times’: This Bridgerton star had to wait years before starring in this sci-fi landmark!

‘I auditioned so many times’: This Bridgerton star had to wait years before starring in this sci-fi landmark!

A new era for Doctor Who has begun with the season welcoming Nkuti Gatwa as the new Doctor. And this from May 11. The season kicked off with a totally weird episode, as is the “Whoian” tradition, called Space Babies. Basically, we’ll be playing Alien, but with talking babies!

And to protect these babies and protect them from the vile creature, there was only one adult on board this abandoned spaceship. And it’s the irresistible Golda Rochevel who plays her.

If many know her recently for playing the inimitable Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton and its prequels, the actress took on the role of Jocelyn in the final season of Doctor Who. And this isn’t the first time Golda Rochevel has tried to be a part of the Whoniverse.

A few failures

during the interview RadioTimes.com About Dr. Huey, he makes this startling admission: “I kind of grew up with that show… and then as I grew up in the industry, I auditioned for Doctor Who many times but never got the part.

He continues: “I’ve always been overwhelmed by beautiful, amazing friends who I’ve cheered on and looked up to, but I’ve never come close to doing it. Torchwood is the closest I’ve come.Remember that Torchwood is a Doctor Who spin-off from 2006 to 2011.

After a huge press tour of Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte, my agent said, “What do you want to do?” and Julie Ann Robinsonwho directed the first episode of Bridgerton, so he’s a longtime friend, I knew he was going to do that first episode.

I said to my agent, ‘Let’s contact them, see what happens, it would be a breath of fresh air to do something completely different.’ And the stars aligned.

Golda Rochevel as Jocelyn

Transformed test

And it must be said that this completely insane episode is particularly successful. Golda Rochewell loves her character:Oh, Jocelyn, bless her heart! He’s isolated, abandoned, and mostly concerned with the babies who rule this planet.

There is a lot of loneliness for him, there are difficulties that he has to face on a personal level. When you’re locked in a space like that, you know, it can be a real challenge. He’s really devoted to these babies, wants to protect them, but maybe he’s not making the best choices because of the isolation.

The chemistry between him, the new doctor, and his companion Ruby Sand (Millie Gibson) is instant. With talking babies all around, suffice it to say the episode is unbeatable!

Source: Allocine

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