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Here are the movies to see in theaters on July 10: Despicable Me 4, The Moon with Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum…

Here are the movies to see in theaters on July 10: Despicable Me 4, The Moon with Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum…

Despicable Me 4 by Patrick Delage, Chris Reno

With Gad Elmale, Steve Carell, Audrey Lemmy…

What is it about? Gru, Lucy, and the girls, Margot, Edith, and Agnes welcome the youngest of the family, Gru Jr., who seems to have only one passion: driving his father crazy. But Gru meets a new enemy, Maxime Le Mal, who, with the help of his lover, the fatal Valentina, forces the whole family to escape.

did you know Despicable Me is the highest-grossing animated franchise at the global box office, having already grossed $3.5 billion for five films. Despicable Me brought in 545 million, Despicable Me 2.975 million, Minions 1.157 billion, Despicable Me 3 1.33 billion and Minions 2.939 million.

Longlegs by Oz Perkins

With Micah Monroe, Alicia Witt, Nicolas Cage…

What is it about? FBI agent Lee Harker, a talented rookie, is tasked with a cold case of a serial killer. An investigation that borders on the occult becomes even more complicated when she discovers a personal connection to a ruthless killer that she must stop before he kills other innocent families.

Here by Bas DeVos

With Stefan Gotta, Liyo Gong, Theodore Corban…

What is it about? Stephanie is a construction worker in Brussels. On his way back to Romania, while crossing the forest, he meets a young researcher of Chinese origin who studies mosses and lichens. The attention he pays to the invisible puts a stop to his plans to return dead.

Voices of Gustav Müller

Sidse with Babette Knudsen, Sebastian Bull Sarning, Dar Salim…

What is it about? Eva, a model prison guard, is faced with a real dilemma when a young man from her past is transferred to the prison where she works. Without revealing the secret, Eva asks to be transferred to the ward of a young man known to be the most violent in the prison.

did you know Sons was filmed primarily in Vridsløselille, a prison near Copenhagen that has been closed since 2018. But the film’s castle incorporates other locations—the hospital’s underground tunnels, a cement chapel, and an abandoned factory—to give it a more visual feel. variety and gives the impression that it is almost a labyrinth.

People by neighbor Andre Techine

With Isabelle Huppert, Hafsia Hertz, Nauel Perez Biscayart…

What is it about? Lucy is a technical and scientific police officer. His lonely everyday life is disrupted by the arrival of a young couple, the parents of a little girl, in his suburbs. Although she is loved by her new neighbors, she discovers that Ian, the father, is an anti-police activist with a serious criminal record.

did you know André Techiné shot in the suburbs, between the city and the city. He specifies: “Lucy tells Julia that there is nothing for young people in this place. It’s peripheral places, we don’t really know where we are. It’s a whole fabric with shopping malls, pavilions, industrial areas, it all blends together. It’s suburban life with an inevitable fence that defines the living space.

Only the river flows through Shujun Wei

With Yilong Zhu, Zeng Meihuiz, Tianlai Hou…

What is it about? In China, in the 1990s, there were three murders in the small town of Banpo. Ma Zhe, the head of the criminal police, is responsible for opening the case. A bag left on the river and testimonies from passers-by point to several suspects.

did you know Only River Flows was featured in the Un Certain Regard selection at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, Shujun Wei is a regular on the Croisette after Courir au Gré du Vent was screened in the 2020 Official Selection and Directors’ Fortnight. in 2021.

On the Moon by Greg Berlanti

With Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, Jim Rush…

What is it about? Charged with rebuilding NASA’s public image, the bubbly Kelly Jones, a marketing expert, thwarts the already difficult task of mission director Cole Davis. When the White House deems the project too important to fail, Kelly Jones is entrusted with staging a fake moon landing as Plan B, and the countdown truly begins…

did you know If Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum starred in Hail, Caesar! By the Coen brothers in 2016, they have never shared scenes together before.

July Vacation by Pablo Coten, Joseph Rose

With Andranik Manet, Alassan Diong, Alba Gaya Baloji…

What is it about? After the death of his twin sister, Gaspard, a young music teacher, reunites with his five former best friends at an abandoned childhood college in mid-July. In this place full of memories and melancholy, friends gradually return to their childhood.

Medium by Emmanuel Lascar

With Emmanuel Lascar, Louise Bourgoin, Noemi Lvovsky…

What is it about? Michael gathers his worries. He receives neither his dissolution nor his recently deceased mother’s legacy: the gift of communication with the dead. Overwhelmed by his grief, he refuses to call the medium. But his encounter with Alicia, a young charismatic artist convinced of the existence of her dead husband, makes him change his mind…

did you know With the medium, Emmanuel Lascar wanted to make a parable about death while avoiding the spirit of seriousness. He specifies: “In Zen Buddhism, there are these little riddles called koans, quite naive, that ask philosophical questions without answers. It makes us alert and amazed at the inevitability of life. We laugh at disasters. I wanted you to make a film like this.”

The Story Tree by Rashin Kheirie, Ala Vartanian, Mohammad-Reza Abed

What is it about? Three stories, three characters who have different relationships with trees, but each of them will learn in their own way that nature knows how to be generous if we know how to take care of it.

Source: Allocine

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