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Dragon House: Which Character Did We Lose in Season 2 Episode 4’s Incredible Battle?

Dragon House: Which Character Did We Lose in Season 2 Episode 4’s Incredible Battle?

Warning, spoilers. It is recommended that you watch House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 4 before continuing with this article.

Currently streaming on the MAX platform, House of the Dragon Season 2 is already in the midst of releasing its fourth episode titled “Red Dragon” and “Golden Dragon”.

And if fans of the novel Fire and blood By George RR Martin, from whom the series is adapted, was eager to start the famous “Dance of Dragons”, now they are served.

Since the end of the first season of the Game of Thrones series, a latent, bloody war is now raging within the Targaryen dynasty. The fourth episode of House of the Dragon Season 2 is a major battle scene that took a lot of damage.

The first great battle of “Dance of Dragons”.

Instead of laying siege to Harrenhal, where a headstrong demon (Matt Smith) is preying on his old demons, Emond (Evan Mitchell) and Kristen Cole (Fabien Frankel) decide to go to Rookes Rest, the home of House Staunton.

King Aegon (Tom Glynn-Carney) is frustrated with no decision on the kingdom’s military strategies and realizes that he doesn’t even have the support of his mother, who advises him to let his generals and others do their thing. Including Kristen Cole, whom she named The Hand of the King.

While Kristen Cole and her army lay siege to Rookcrest, Rhaenys (Eva Best) arrives on the back of her dragon fox to burn Kristen’s troops. The “Queen Who Never Was” volunteered for the attack in place of Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy), who was urged by the Council to finally attack the Greens, after a secret meeting with Alicent (Olivia Cooke) during which she learned that her late father. Viserys had no intention of appointing Aegon as heir to the throne.

Just then, Aegon, drunk and disillusioned, also arrives at Rooks’ Rest with his dragon Sunfire. Rhaenys attacks it with Maelly and destroys it. Aemond and Wagar, who had been hiding until then, appear, attacking Maelisse and Sunfire indiscriminately, Aegon dives to the ground with his dragon, and Rhaenys and Maelissa take the opportunity to attack Aemond and Wagar, who also fall.

Although he could leave the battlefield, Rhaenys decides to attack again, but is surprised by Emond and Wagar kills Maelisse, causing the “Queen That Never Was” to fall and die. Kristen, stunned, then gets up to find Emond at the foot of Aegon, seemingly between life and death.

The Siege of Rooks’ Rest is one of the first battles of A Dance of Dragons, but more importantly the first involving dragons from both sides. The results are disastrous for both the Greens and the Blacks, although the Greens win and Rennis is killed.

“I’ll miss her”

said his interpreter Eva Best, who has not seen the episode Deadline That he really participated in the execution of his character’s death. The idea of ​​spreading his arms when we see him fall from the air with Melis comes from him:

“They wanted a launch moment, and it felt very natural. It was a pretty quiet moment after all that. There was a lot of commotion when we were shooting. It was the last one I shot. We did it. At the end of a whole series of takes.”

Showrunner Ryan Condall delivered a touching speech for the special day from Eva Best, who has been busy preparing for the series – “True Capitulation” According to him, despite the stress, he shot only 2 shots.

The actor knew from the start that his character Rhaenys wouldn’t last beyond two seasons since he signed on. He knew that Rhaenys would die on the dragon’s back.

Before filming, the team created a small animated version of the scene so that they could visualize the movements and especially the moment when Vagar attacks them, in the same horror as the fatal attack on Luceris at the end of the first season. .

If there is some form of acceptance in her death and physical and spiritual release, Rhaenys still fades away with her title of “The Queen That Never Was,” knowing full well that she reigned better than her cousin Viserys:

“That’s her whole journey. That’s the backbone of this story … the transfer of a woman to a man, a woman who is uniquely more qualified for the job. And actually, when we started filming, Sarah Hess, Ryan’s co-worker. The lead writer told me right away, ‘She has a lot of Hillary Clinton is happening.”

And that seems very right to me. The person who is clearly the most intelligent, the most expert, the most experienced, the most temperamentally and intellectually suited for the role, to be sidelined because of her gender, and then to see that potentially happen again with Rhaenyra, there was a very strong sense of, “No my watch, this story is no longer If it happens again, we have to change it.”

Rhaenys was a character that fans loved, even those who read the book already knew his tragic fate. “He’s a hot, cool moron, I’ll miss him” Eva Best concludes. The next episode of House of Dragons will show us the aftermath of Rhaenys’ death, and they’re likely to be dire.

Season 2 of “Dragon House” is currently streaming on the MAX platform.

Source: Allocine

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