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Tonight on Amazon: 2 legends of action cinema meet and we want more!

Tonight on Amazon: 2 legends of action cinema meet and we want more!

Two action film specialists come together in front of the camera for a thriller behind closed doors at a police station. The result: Copshop, an admittedly gritty but smart film that takes full advantage of its concept and delivers some decent 70s and 80s thriller entertainment.

The beginning of history

Gerard Butler

While on the run, crook Teddy Muretto (Frank Grillo) arranges for the authorities to lock him up in a fight. With his head safely hanging, Muretto quickly discovers that one of his pursuers, Bob Vidic (Gerard Butler), has also been incarcerated in this small local jail. From now on, Vidic will do everything to get under Muretto’s skin.

After what could have been a prison film, it very quickly breaks free of its bars and becomes a game of carnage as a third killer, played by Toby Huss, enters the dance. The initial promise is fulfilled, as the shots follow each other in every direction, with enough twists and turns to – presumably – renew the action.

And is it really worth it?

Alexis Lowder is awesome

Director Joe Carnahan (Territory of the Wolves) doesn’t try to push the story, but the action. Its aim is that the audience will never get bored and the bet will be won. But he still has the luxury of setting up his characters properly so that the public is interested in their fate and does not stand on the sidelines, just watching the shootings that follow each other.

Without revolutionizing the genre, Carnahan delivers Copshop a well-crafted film, certainly calibrated, but rhythmic and highly effective. It is enough to spend a good evening with friends!

Source: Allocine

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