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10 Best Professional Killer Movies

10 Best Professional Killer Movies

Cinema has an enduring fascination with exploring the world of assassins, a theme that captures the imagination of the public in a unique way. Among the most frequent “killers” in cinema are professional assassins, characters who have become iconic on screen.

A professional assassin, or hitman, is an individual hired to carry out murders for money, often portrayed in films as a skilled and ruthless figure operating in the shadows of society.

Inspired by this, we decided to list the 10 best movies about professional assassins.

The Samurai (1967) / Credits: SN Prodis, Fida Cinematografica (advertising)

Professional Killers: The 10 Best Movies

The Killer (2023) / Credits: Netflix (disclosure)

Directed by David Fincher (“Fight Club,” “Se7en,” “Gone Girl”), “The Killer” is based on the French graphic novel series “Le Tueur,” written by Alexis “Matz” Nolent and illustrated by Luc Jacamon.

Michael Fassbender plays a professional assassin who, after an accident on one of his “jobs,” finds himself at the center of an international manhunt.

The cast also includes names such as Arliss Howard, Charles Parnell, Kerry O’Malley, Sala Baker, Sophie Charlotte and Tilda Swinton.

Collateral (2004) / Credit: United International Pictures (advertising)

Directed by famed director Michael Mann (“Fire Against Fire”), “Collateral” is a critically acclaimed action thriller film. The film stars Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx, with Jada Pinkett Smith and Mark Ruffalo also starring.

The plot follows a Los Angeles taxi driver (Foxx) who, after picking up a hitman (Cruise) as a passenger, is forced to do his bidding while doing his “job” at night.

Dip huet seung hanging (1989) / Credits: Golden Princess Film Production (advertising)

An acclaimed Hong Kong production, “The Killer” is an influential action film directed by John Woo (“Double Target,” “The Other Face”).

The plot follows Ah Jong (Chow Yun-fat), a hitman who accidentally blinds a nightclub singer (Sally Yeh) during one of his missions.

Feeling guilty, the killer decides to do one last job to pay for the singer’s eye surgery. He ends up forming an unusual partnership with a police detective (Danny Lee).

Best Seller (1987) / Credit: Orion Pictures (advertising)

A crime thriller, “The Mark of Corruption” is directed by John Flynn (“The Other Face of Violence,” “Deadly Fury”) and written by Larry Cohen (“A Monster Is Born,” “God Sent It”), two experts in this genre. The film stars James Woods and Brian Dennehy.

In the plot, a decorated detective and successful author (Dennehy) is faced with writer’s block on his next book. However, he is approached by a professional killer (Woods) who wants to turn his life story into a book.

I Hired a Contract Killer (1990) / Credits: Finnkino (advertising)

A dramatic comedy that explores the theme of hitmen, “I Hired a Professional Hitman” is a film by Finnish cult director Aki Kaurismäki. The film stars Jean-Pierre Léaud, one of the greatest actors of French cinema.

Léaud plays Henri, a lonely middle-aged man who is fired after fifteen years of service.

So, he hires a hitman to end his life. However, Henri changes his mind and tries to avoid his fate when he falls in love.

Violent City (1970) / Credit: Universal Pictures (advertising)

An Italian crime thriller film, “Violent City” is directed by Sergio Sollima (“The Day of Reprisal”) and stars action movie star Charles Bronson.

Sollima wrote the screenplay with Lina Wertmüller (“Pasqualino Sete Belezas”), and names such as Telly Savalas and Jill Ireland round out the cast.

Bronson plays a former professional hitman who is framed by a former boss and seeks revenge.

The Samurai (1967) / Credits: SN Prodis, Fida Cinematografica (advertising)

Written and directed by acclaimed French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Melville (“Army of Shadows”), “Le Samouraï” is a neo-noir cult film starring Alain Delon.

Delon plays Jef Costello, a perfectionist, cold and methodical professional killer.

However, after another of his “jobs,” Jef is caught by a witness and begins to be chased by a commissioner (François Périer). Jef must also find out who hired him and then tried to kill him.

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999) / Credits: Artisan Entertainment (advertising)

The cult film “Ghost Dog” is directed by Jim Jarmusch, one of the biggest names in North American independent cinema (“Daunbailó”, “Dead Man”).

Forest Whitaker stars in the film as Ghost Dog, a lone hitman working for the mafia. However, Ghost Dog is an unusual “professional”: he follows the samurai code of conduct, based on the book “Hagakure”.

The cast also includes Cliff Gorman, Henry Silva, Isaach de Bankolé, Victor Argo and Camille Winbush.

Koroshi no rakuin (1967) / Credit: Nikkatsu (advertisement)

Considered a cult masterpiece, the Japanese film “The Mark of a Killer” is one of the most influential productions to address the theme of hitmen in cinema.

The film is directed by Seijun Suzuki, one of the Japanese filmmakers most beloved by critics and cinephiles.

The plot follows Goro Hanada (Joe Shishido), the third highest-ranked professional assassin in Japan, who, after a failed mission, faces off against the legendary No. 1 assassin (Koji Nanbara).

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) / Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution (advertising)

In this comedy, John Cusack plays a hitman who returns to his hometown to attend his 10-year high school reunion.

The critically acclaimed film is directed by George Armitage and also stars Minnie Driver, Alan Arkin and Dan Aykroyd.

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