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Cat’s Eyes: The first trailer released by TF1 and it will make you want to

Cat’s Eyes: The first trailer released by TF1 and it will make you want to

It promises to be a series of events next fall! Cat’s Eyes, the live-action series adapted from the popular manga of the same name, has just debuted its first trailer, which sends something heavy.

TF1 took the opportunity to broadcast the 2024 European Football Cup semi-final this Tuesday 10th July to bring you the first pictures of Camille Lou (who will soon appear in the new series with Audrey Fleuro). Labe and Claire Romain.

An ambitious trailer

Directed by Alexandre Laurent, who notably worked on Les Combattantes and Le Bazar de la Charité, Cat’s Eyes promises to be one of the channel’s most ambitious series yet.

And this isn’t the first trailer to suggest otherwise. The series, which took months to shoot, was shot in beautiful locations in Paris.

The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles… all the most emblematic places of the capital are distinguished by the work of Alexandre Laurent, in an action series that should not disappoint the audience.

Three sisters in search of truth

Cat’s Eyes tells the story of three sisters, Tami (Camille Lou), Celia (Constance Labe) and Alexia (Claire Romain), who are reunited after years of separation. At the same time, a work belonging to their father, who disappeared twelve years earlier in a mysterious fire at his art gallery, reappears during a prestigious exhibition at the Eiffel Tower.

They then decide to risk everything to steal it in hopes of finally finding out what happened to it. Very quickly, the trio find themselves at a police station led by Quentin Chappuis (MB14) and accompanied by Gwen Assaya (Cindy Bruna), who is responsible for stopping these new thieves who continue to make their escape. But what Quentin doesn’t know is that among them is his great lost love, Tami…

Cat’s Eyes also stars Elodie Fontaine, Carol Bouquet, Gilbert Melk, Ophelia Colby, Gilles Cohen, Simon Erlacher, Gregory Fitus, Maxence Dunnett-Fauwell, Leon Plazzoli, and Lorin Nunn.

Back to School on TF1 and a few months later on Prime Video to discover the first episodes of Cat’s Eyes.

Source: Allocine

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