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This is a thriller not to be missed this summer: Nicolas Cage has never been more terrifying than in this movie!

This is a thriller not to be missed this summer: Nicolas Cage has never been more terrifying than in this movie!

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FBI agent Lee Harker, a talented rookie, is tasked with a cold case of a serial killer. An investigation that borders on the occult becomes even more complicated when she discovers a personal connection to a ruthless killer that she must stop before he kills other innocent families.

Why ‘Longlegs’ Is The Thriller You Shouldn’t Miss This Summer?

If you’re looking for thrills and a cold sweat (not necessarily related to the heat outside the theaters) and if you’re bored of current mainstream horror cinema, Longlegs is for you.

Here are three arguments to convince you, even if you later regret listening to us.

1 – This is not “the new silence of the lambs”

“Young FBI Recruit Investigates Mysterious Serial Killer” : In 1992, this was a feature film centered on the same premise that won the Academy Award for Best Picture. The Silence of the Lambs, as it is being talked about, becomes the third (and, to date, the last) opus to achieve success in the Big Five, winning five major trophies (film, director, actor, actress and screenplay).

Often copied but never equaled, including thrillers in which Anthony Hopkins played a disturbing character, The Silence of the Lambs has remained one of the benchmarks of the genre. And we definitely think of him before Longz, the story of which takes place in 1993. So much so that we’re told that Lee Harker (Mica Monroe) discovered this calling by seeing Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) at the cinema. You will not be surprised.

An inspiration that neither the actor nor his director denies. Because Oz Perkins admits that in 1993 he purposely arranged his plot to place it halfway between the atmosphere of a Jonathan Demme film and David Fincher’s Seven. This is the reason that Longlegs is easy “The New Silence of the Lambs” ? No!


If it’s hard not to think about these overwhelming references at first (as well as the zodiac), one of Longs’ strengths is knowing how to break away from them. Thanks to the shots, which recall Kubrick’s “flash” in the frame of the heroine’s way of being crushed, which creates a sense of discomfort. Back and forth in the 90s and 70s.

Or when fiction intervenes in the story. Especially during the third act, which is both heavily explained (almost too much), but which inevitably moves Long into another realm, on the brink of a disturbing fairy tale. No wonder, as Oz Perkins signed on for the black version of Hansel & Gretel, and Nicolas Cage describes his character as “Geppetto Owned”.

2 – That damned Oz Perkins!

Staging is essential to establishing atmosphere in a thriller (among other genres), so the success of Longlegs owes much to Oz Perkins. Is it because he’s the son of Anthony Perkins, the star of Psycho, that horror runs through his veins so much? It is possible. Because his skill is undeniable. More so than in his previous films, where he had already shown his taste for Satanism.

When you drive home from your Longlegs session

From the opening sequence, which might provoke nightmares, his knowledge of the frame and behind the camera, the sound and the lack of it, or his acting in terms of acting, makes us think that we are in for a disturbing moment. Our greatest pleasure. The following will only confirm this good impression.

in a sequence that makes our blood run cold. And others that make us want to watch the movie again to find out if the things we saw were just our imaginations, or if they were spread by the filmmakers. Are you interested in this? This is exactly the point!

3 – Nicolas Cage, scary as ever

Think you’ve seen everything about Nicolas Cage? Longlegs will make you reconsider your decision. Because if the actor has accustomed us to colorful performances, he has never been as terrifying as here. Which is saying a lot considering the disturbing gallery of people in his filmography.

There’s no promo at all, not a single photo or trailer to fully reveal it “Geppetto Owned” It takes time to fully show itself in the story, which will leave us in a mixture of intrigue and fear for a long time. Before this second emotion takes hold, when Lee Harker and we are faced with Longlace.

As with the rest of the movie, it’s best to know as little as possible about it before entering the theater. And refrain from possible leaks of your appearance to make the surprise work as much as possible. Just know that it’s hard not to think of Michael Jackson when you discover him. And it is with this teaser that we will let you discover Longless in the cinema. Do you dare?

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