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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Thursday 11 July 2024 Episode 1724 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Thursday 11 July 2024 Episode 1724 [SPOILERS]


Thursday 11 July Tomorrow belongs to us…

Bart’s date takes a macabre turn

After a small spoon is stolen, Bart tries to get compensation from the insurance company. He had already met with Caroline LeBlanc, the agency’s investigator, who told him he wouldn’t be. So Bart scheduled a meeting with the agency’s director. But when he gets there, he’s met by hordes of police and firemen manning the perimeter. Aurora offers him a ride home.

Coming from the agency, Nordin tells Auror that the director of the agency, Guillaume Druet, died from a blow to the head. His body was found by a cleaner at 7 am. Pathologist Drouet died two days ago. Nordin did not find the murder weapon. However, he noticed that the drawer on the headmaster’s desk had been forced open. Inside are bullets from the girlfriend’s rifle and technical equipment. As for her colleague Caroline LeBlanc, she is nowhere to be found.

At the police station, Aurora evaluates with Sara. The latter interested Caroline LeBlanc: after studying law in Montpellier, she did odd jobs in the region until 2018, when she joined the Drouet agency. He has no criminal record, but in 1999 he spent 6 months in a psychiatric hospital. At the same time, Roxanne announces that Caroline died of a heart attack two days ago in the hospital.

Aurora goes to the hospital to question William. He says Caroline called him during an anxiety attack when his anxiolytics weren’t working. Therefore, William immediately accepted him. While he was checking on her, she collapsed and died. William tried to resuscitate him, but to no avail. Noor, who also tried it, confirms this. Once alone, William deletes Caroline LeBlanc’s number from his phone contacts.

At the police station, Sara informs Avor that Drouet is divorced, but he has had an occasional affair with a woman who has a solid alibi. Besides, he was quite a lonely man. The Auror then wonders why the killer didn’t use the 9mm Drouet gun registered to his name that was kept in his desk drawer. At the same time, Damien tells his colleagues that, according to the coroner, Caroline died three hours before Drouet. The Auror surmises that Caroline’s heart attack was not just due to natural causes and plans to request an autopsy.

In turn, Sarah joins forces with Roxanne, who discovers that Druet has been receiving large sums of money on a regular basis, but these funds have not been reflected in his agency’s accounts. At the same time, Bart calls them to tell them that he has confirmation that the contracts he signed with Drouet’s company are fake.

Roxanne then checks the client files and realizes that Drouet has been defrauding one out of every three clients. He actually set up a shell company with the same name as his insurance company, whose bank details were linked to an offshore account in the Philippines. Nordin joins his colleagues and informs them that Caroline LeBlanc had no relatives and that no one has tried to contact her since her death. Sarah and Roxanne suspect that he was Druet’s accomplice. Thus, they assume that the client was taking revenge on both of them.

Meanwhile, Aurora goes to the hospital morgue, where Marianne is shocked to discover that Caroline LeBlanc’s body has disappeared and that her transfer is nowhere to be found in the files.

A little later, William arrives at Marianne’s office, giving her authorization to transport Caroline LeBlanc’s body, indicating that it has been sent to the funeral home. Mariana believes that this is a professional misconduct of a hospital employee. He’s going to find out who he is. William, on the other hand, is clearly uncomfortable that the police have requested an autopsy.

From the funeral home, Aurora calls Sarah and tells her that Caroline LeBlanc’s body isn’t there either…

Bastien rejects the melody

Near Georges, Melody wonders if Bastien will agree to give her a place in his life. She had a hard time keeping secrets in recent months, especially when she had leukemia. But John did not want him to know the truth. George supports his partner.

Meanwhile, Bastien confides in Violetta about what he learned about Melody. He admits that he does not consider her a mother. Violet reminds him that she also adopted a stranger as her mother because she told him to give her a chance and today she blends in well with the Philippines.

In the spoon, Melody finds Audrey and Mona, both free after being released from prison. With little hope that Bastien will return to her after all this, Melody doesn’t hide her surprise and delight when he calls her to meet him at the skate park.

Melody finds him there and tells him that she has been following him every step of the way. He apologizes to her for not telling her the truth earlier and understands her anger. She expresses her desire to get to know him and be by his side. But Bastien replies that he only considers him a sports teacher. Melody then returns home crying and finds refuge in Georges’ arms.

Marianna wants to sell her house

At Delcourt, Mariana questions Diego about the drink he had alone after the aperitif with Maud. The young man avoids the question, then leaves. Chloe then points out her lack of sophistication to her mother. Mariana defends herself by explaining that she just wants everyone around her to be happy, and she gets the impression that Diego won’t make the first move alone. And Chloe thinks that her mother is trying to fill the void that the loss of Reno has created in her life.

At the hospital, Soizic receives news from Mariana. She admits that she is very annoyed by the behavior of her daughter, who analyzes everything she does. Soizic emphasizes that it would be time for his colleague to leave the family cocoon and stand out on his own.

Marian then arranges to meet Sebastian for lunch at Spoon. He hopes to help her sell the house. And he found her as a real estate agent.

Diego, on the other hand, goes to the beach with Maud, who is stressed with her Bachelor results coming up. They find Jack and Lizzie in La Paillote, who are in the same state. Diego offers them a game of volleyball to get away from things.

After receiving the results of the baccalaureate, everyone is released. Adam and Amelie join them in the toast. Diego congratulates Maud on a very good mention. It seems Jack isn’t the only one in the mood to party, despite getting a mention. And for good reason, she can’t stop thinking about Ryan…

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