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It All Begins Here: What’s in store for Thursday 11 July 2024 Episode 966 [SPOILERS]

It All Begins Here: What’s in store for Thursday 11 July 2024 Episode 966 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for It All Begins tomorrow night on TF1! If you’d rather know nothing, go ahead.

On Thursday, July 11, everything starts here…

Jasmine confronts him

After realizing that her stalker was a member of the society her parents were members of, Jasmine returned to the villa with Jim. She calls Greg, who is on holiday in Portugal with Elliot and Nael, to warn him of the danger and asks him to watch out for their son. Indeed, Jasmine worries about him because society has already tried to kidnap him. He also discusses another hypothesis where the community takes revenge on him because his parents were imprisoned and several members left the sect after his testimony.

At the same time, Jasmine receives a message from Yves63: “I know you stopped by the hotel yesterday. I have important things to disclose about society. Tonight at 6pm at Trinity QuarryIf Jim wants to alert the authorities, Jasmine gets him to promise not to tell anyone. He plans to go to the meeting to find out what Yv63 has to say to him, assuming he wants to warn him about something important.

Meanwhile, on the beach, Carla and Berenia make a bet about Suleiman and Cleo’s relationship: if they sleep together, Berenia will have to take care of the picnics for the rest of the vacation, but if they don’t, so be it. Be Carla to take care of him. The young girls then question Suleiman to find out the truth. Bluffed by Carla, he confesses everything. Therefore Berenia lost the bet. But Suleiman still makes his friends promise not to do it again to protect Cleo.

Back at the villa, Carla and Berenice overhear Jasmine and Jimmy arguing about the meeting Yv63 has set up at Trinity Quarry. Caught in the act, however, Jasmine pretends everything is fine.

On the other hand, Rose and Paul plan to go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner. While she takes care of the reservation, Rose joins Constance on the deck chairs. They discuss the outfit Rose plans to wear on her date before Carla and Berenice interrupt. Worried about Jasmine, they take them into their confidence. Rose immediately informs Paul. They then drive together to go to Trinity Quarry.

There Jasmine is waiting for her stalker. Unable to leave her alone, Jimmy eventually joins her. Finally, Jasmine’s stalker arrives in a car. He quickly recognizes him: it is Fabien Chevel, dressed in camouflage. He explains to her that he left the community a year ago and that he was happy to see that Jasmine was fulfilled after he left. He then vows to protect himself, which he is about to reveal to her about Louis. But he leaves as Paul’s car arrives. Getting out of the car, Rose runs over to Jasmine to make sure she’s okay. A young girl convinces him that she has never seen the person she was talking to before…

Lionel wants to make his sister jealous

At the park, Solal discovers that Zoë, Gary, and Tlma are completely demotivated after training the day before, where they all realized that they were not up to the standard to pass the Institute exam. Solal tries to cheer them up. Gary pulls the rug out from under him and offers Thelma a look together. Zoe announces that she is going to work alone. Like Solal, he does not see their partnership as a positive one.

During their internship, Gary and Thelma never stop flirting, much to the dismay of Zoe and Solal. The latter takes Lionel aside and advises him to mix up couples from time to time. But Lionel refuses, suspecting that Solal only wanted to act this way out of jealousy.

At the end of the training day, Lionel congratulates the participants and tells them that as a reward they will go to Double A for lunch the next day. Still, he clarifies that this is an exercise: in fact, they’re going to live with the experience they’ll one day deliver to consumers. All course participants are happy. Once again, Solal takes Lionel aside, surprised that he changed his training program at the last minute.

Later, Solal confirms to Lionel that Stanislas gave them the green light for the intern day at Double A the next day. But he admits he would have been warned about the change early. When he offers to use the opportunity to switch couples, Lionel states that he has already taken the lead on the matter so that they remain as they are. Indeed, it suits Lionel that Gary and Thelma are together. She hopes that Zoey realizes that her best friend doesn’t have feelings for her, so she quits the competition. Solal completely rejects Lionel’s strategy.

The tension between Leroy and Antoine

Olivia walks into the kitchen mid-delivery and notices that Anais is completely covered in water. In fact, his brigade is insufficient. His two clerks, who are in their first years, are not the most talented. Anais tried to persuade people, but to no avail.

To remedy this situation, Olivia talks about it with Leroy and Antoine. He quickly notices the tension that erupts between two men with opposite personalities: one cares about rules, the other doesn’t. As they stand their ground, Olivia corrects them so they can find a way out.

Later, Leroy soaks up the sun on the Double A terrace with Alice. He states that it surprises him because his idle behavior does not fit the description of an adventurer leader that he has been given. At the same time, Olivia joins them and announces that she has found a way to help Anais: work as a clerk with her. Leroy agrees on the condition that Alice does the same. He doesn’t see a problem with that.

At the end of the day, Antoine meets Olivia in the hallway and congratulates her on the solution he found regarding Double A. He also mocks Leroy for taking it upon himself to obey the orders of his junior. . Olivia then specifies that Antoine is also needed in the kitchen. To avoid spoiling him, he flatters his ego by pointing out that Leroy didn’t hesitate to accept him.

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