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‘Alf the Stubborn’ Child Actor Benji Gregory Found Dead at 46

‘Alf the Stubborn’ Child Actor Benji Gregory Found Dead at 46

The actor was found with his dog in a car parked in a bank parking lot in Peoria, Arizona.

Former child actor Benji Gregory, who rose to fame at the age of 8 for playing Brian Tanner on the series “Alf the Stubborn,” was found dead inside a car in Peoria, Arizona. The body was found in a bank parking lot. Along with the 46-year-old actor, his dog was also found dead at the scene.

Details of the tragedy

The bodies were discovered on June 13, but the news was released Wednesday night (7/10) by the website TMZ. According to witnesses, Gregory may have fallen asleep in the car the day before, dying of heatstroke. The family, however, has not officially confirmed the cause of death.

Health problems

The actor’s sister Rebecca Gregory revealed that he suffered from multiple health issues, including depression, bipolar disorder and a sleep disorder that often kept him awake for days. “Benji was dealing with a variety of mental and physical health issues,” she told TMZ.

Career with and without “Alf”

Benji Gregory played Brian Tanner in 101 episodes of “Alf the Stubborn” between 1986 and 1990. In the series, his character accompanied the protagonist Alf, an alien who joked about human customs, and hid in the Tanner family home so as not to become a guinea pig for the military. Before “Alf”, Gregory appeared in episodes of “Punky, a Levada da Breca”, “Marvelous Stories” and “Beyond Imagination”, as well as in the film “Salve-me Quem Puder” (1986), with Whoopy Goldberg.

With the cancellation of “Alf” after four seasons, Gregory’s career quickly stagnated. He also voiced the character Biff Jr. in the animated series based on “Back to the Future” in 1992, appeared in two television movies, and recorded his voice in the animated “Once Upon a Forest” (1993), before disappearing from the screen.

In 2003 he enlisted in the United States Navy, receiving an honorable medical discharge in 2005.

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