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Rafael Paiva says he feels increasingly ready to continue on a professional level

Rafael Paiva says he feels increasingly ready to continue on a professional level

The interim coach gave an interview after the great victory over Corinthians; Paiva spoke about Coutinho, Payet and his professional moment.

Vasco’s interim coach, Rafael Paiva, held a press conference after Cruz-Maltino’s victory over Corinthians this Wednesday (10) in São Januário. The commander, in turn, assessed the team’s moment and his personal performance before the professional. It is important to highlight that Paiva is the Vasco U20 coach and is interim with the first team.

“I think we are maturing, managing to control the game more, to have control over everything we have to do. I feel more and more ready, knowing the shortcuts of the professional. The base has very high-level games, the teams are very organized. Now these are the peculiarities of being a professional. After 10 games at this level I feel more and more prepared and ready”, said the coach.

Rafael Paiva has played 10 games in charge of Vasco, six in a row. The coach had the opportunity to take charge of the team after the dismissal of Ramón Díaz and remained in charge after the dismissal of the Portuguese Álvaro Pacheco. The commander has, in total, five victories, three draws and just two defeats.

The trend, at least according to most fans, is for Rafael Paiva to be hired as coach of the professional team. The matter should be discussed internally in the coming days.

Below are other important excerpts from Rafael Paiva’s press conference:

Coutinho’s return

– It’s fantastic to work with a talented player. A technical player, who has an identity with a goal, who makes the difference. I think it’s essential at any age, in any team, to have the player who goes out of his way. For me, Coutinho is the player who goes out of his way, who has the ability to win the game in difficult situations. So it’s a great pleasure to have you in the group.

Safe defense

– I think our growth, our evolution has also involved the defensive sector a lot. I have always said that you have to look for balance. We were attacked a lot and we couldn’t get the ball. I think we have managed to have a more solid defense, also having more of the ball and in fact in the last three games we have only conceded one goal. So I think we are evolving very well in defense, I think it is a lot of credit to the defenders, to our midfielders, also to the way we play, trying to have the ball a little more, keeping the ball more in the offensive field.

– But actually our defenders and midfielders have evolved a lot, even Léo. I’m even happier that Léo (Jardim) doesn’t participate so much in the game. A little less, but whenever you need him he’s there and I think he’s doing well. Mentally they’ve evolved a lot. I think all of that makes the difference for us to be at this level now.

Game Sequence

– Look, it’s very difficult to always play two games a week, very difficult. We managed to rotate the group a bit, I think that makes the difference, we often used five substitutions to try to keep the intensity of the game high. I think we managed to win, largely thanks to the merit of the entire committee, the performance department, the physical trainer, we had few victims during this period.

Reinforcements? Rafael Paiva explains

– We talk all the time about players, about profiles, about players who have potential. We talk because this is part of our profession. But it is Pedrinho and Marcelo who take charge of this. We always try to reflect, help, raise some names, but they are experts in this and we are sure that they will do the best job possible for Vasco.

Relationship with Vegetti, the captain

– Vegetti is a player who has an absurd leadership, both in training and in matches, he loves to win, in every training he gives his all. This infects everyone. I think that anyone who sees a player like him, with the presence he has, who always gives himself, who continuously believes and tries to evolve, also infects the other players. I think this is the most important thing, this positive leadership he has.

The Battle of Vasco

– Our first goal was to get out of Z4 and stay as far away as possible. Now we are climbing the rankings. Now we have to be consistent to get to the front page, to be in the top ten. I think our team is good for that. We have to fight to stay up there, look for Sulamericana and who knows Libertadores. First we have to get to the front page and if possible we will fight higher up. The most important thing is to stay away from Z4, win these head-to-heads and stay consistent. If we can do it, I think we will look for it from there.

Payet’s situation

– He should be back training this week. Let’s see how he comes back, how long it lasts, if he starts playing in the next game or not. We have almost a week to do it. Let’s see what’s best for Payet and Vasco, to try to keep him in more games and reach his physical peak.

Sforza and great goal

– He is a very dedicated athlete. He knows he will be a starter, so he trains at a very high level and intensity. We told him that maybe he won’t start playing, so he trains the same way. It’s a reference to continuous giving. A boy who seeks evolution, good mind, talent, and today he deserved it. The goal was a gift to consolidate what he is as a reference for us. It was a hard blow for him not to have gone (to the Olympics) because he has so much talent, but we know he has potential and we like it a lot here. He will still give us so much joy.

Under 20 and professional

– With the U20 team we always trained with the professional team. In this way it was easier to get to know the athletes. So I already knew Vasco’s professional athletes well. So we always participated by watching the games here, you could already get an idea. And when I entered, I tried to express what I believed in the game.

– What I believe in football is trying to give confidence to the athletes, but the strategic part of the game is exactly what I believe in the game. What got me to where I am at the Base, everything I achieved with the Base. That’s what I believe in the game, that’s what made me fall in love with football. And I try to put that into practice.

– And thank God it worked here at Vasco, professionally, a team that tries to play, that tries to create, that is balanced in defense, that tries to always have possession of the ball. We are in a process and we still have to improve a lot, but for me it was easy because the athletes believe in it and they believe in it too. They say that buying the idea made everything much easier and we want to continue evolving. We are very happy with everything that has happened, but we want to maintain this regularity, evolve further. I think we are on the right path.

Source: Terra

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