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Captain America Makes Decision That Kills Thousands of Innocent People in New Comic

Captain America Makes Decision That Kills Thousands of Innocent People in New Comic

Everyone knows Captain America as a sober leader with the best decisions, but this time he kills thousands of innocent people

What if we lived in a world where shadowy, hidden groups dominate the narratives and the authorities are all in league with powerful creatures in a secret network that turns heroes into terrorists? It is in this scenario that we see the Avengers emerge in the new Ultimate Universe, the scene of a decision made by Captain America that ends up taking thousands of innocent lives.

Warning: spoilers for Ultimates #2!

The new Ultimate Universe is the opposite of the original, launched in 2000. This time, the heroes aren’t special ops soldiers who kill terrorists and save America from an attack, but the terrorists themselvesfighting against a corrupt government that wants to keep its people oppressed.

The original Ultimate Universe (also known as Earth-1610) dealt with the issues of its time, such as the War on Terror campaign, instilled by the American government after the fall of the Twin Towers.

The villain Midas uses America Chavez as a power source to provide vital infrastructure in the new Ultimate Universe (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics)

The new Ultimate Universe was born on Earth-6160 to once again bring different and extreme versions of different characters, without the constraints of a decades-old continuity. The person who created this reality was the villain known as the Creator, who is Reed Richards of Earth-1610. He had been held prisoner on Earth-616, the traditional, After Secret Wars 2015.

How the Creator has intimate knowledge of the Multiverse’s master timeline wondertraveled through time and changed the Earth to rewrite events and become an undisputed ruler of the planet. So he chose who would be the heroes at the beginning of this new world, corrupting or killing his greatest enemies; ensuring that all the others never got their superpowers.

Fortunately, the father of Tony Stark discovers the truth, and Tony now leads a resistance network, while the Maker is trapped in his own time prison. There are 18 real-world months until the villain’s base is destroyed, as each edition of this new Ultimate Universe advances the clock one month toward his return.

It is in this context that we see Steve Rogers make a decision that kills millions of innocent lives.

Captain America knew he would kill millions of people

In Ultimate #2recently released, Captain America attacks the White House in hopes of overthrowing the villain Midas. In this timeline, America was dissolved in 1969, with its territories falling under the control of various villains. The mission of the Ultimates (the Avengers of the Ultimate Universe) is to free América Chavez, as heroin has been transformed into an energy source for Midas’ command.

América Chávez’s cosmic power was being used to power hospitals, airports, and other vital infrastructure. If Captain America were to release it, people on life support would die, planes would fall from the sky, and hundreds of car crashes would claim innocent lives. Midas warns Steve, “Take it… and you’ll kill thousands.”

By saving America Chavez, Captain America sentences thousands of innocent lives to death (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics)

Yet, at the end of the issue, the Ultimates are seen leaving the burning White House, having chosen to save the young hero at the expense of innocent civilians. It’s a shocking thing to see Captain America do, but it’s consistent with this new reality: everything the Creator has done in the world, including the United States, has stolen Steve Rogers’ optimism.

Furthermore, in a reality where the status quo is maintained by narratives created by villains, heroes have become terrorists. And, in a war, Rogers deliberately decides to kill thousands of people, carrying the guilt of having followed a plan that aims to free millions of other innocent lives.

Naturally, this will have disastrous consequences, and we will continue to follow the new Ultimate Universe to see it up close.

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