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Plus belle la vie: Why didn’t Jennifer recognize her own brother?  Diane Dasinin and Devi Sardu respond

Plus belle la vie: Why didn’t Jennifer recognize her own brother? Diane Dasinin and Devi Sardu respond

Last week on Plus belle la vie, even plus belle, viewers were shocked to learn that Pascal, the new nurse who did everything to ruin Jennifer’s life, was actually Jennifer’s brother.

He actually decided to take revenge on her because he believes that she is responsible for the car accident that claimed the lives of their parents.

But then how did the young woman not recognize her own brother? AlloCiné asked Dave Sardou and Diane Daasnini, the translators of the two characters, to explain to us the reasons for this surprising twist.

Pascal’s physical transformation

For the two actors, this twist could be linked to Pascal’s physical change. “Jennifer was very young when she last saw him– Diane Daninin explained to our microphone.

And since then he has done a lot, he has gone far. And he has also changed his appearance, he does not dress the same. Sometimes in mental hospitals we get drugs that change appearance“.

It had been a long time since they last saw each other. Pascal had a huge physical transformation and he stripped his face to get to her. At first we had fun with the cinematic convention of Superman, who, when he’s Clark Kent, wears glasses and no one recognizes him.“, also explained Dave Sardu. But this, of course, is not the only reason for this.

“Jennifer Blocked”

When we experience a major trauma, we sometimes tend to block certain memories from our memory. In the Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle episode this Thursday, July 11, Samuel (Inaki Lartigue) learns that Pascal ended up in a mental hospital after trying to suffocate his little sister with a pillow.

For Dave Sardo, this may explain the lack of acknowledgment from Jennifer. “As with many traumas, there is a kind of brain block that causes you to completely forget a part of your youth.“- confided the actor.

And this part is Pascal’s. He is improving physically and most importantly, he has changed a lot. And sometimes the evidence is right in front of you, but you can’t see it. And in our case, there is definitely a past where they haven’t seen each other for a long time and Jennifer is blocked. So he benefits from it.”

But from time to time we see that Jennifer has small lapses in memory– added Diane Dasinini. “For example, when he sings the elephant nursery rhyme, he has disproportionate reactions.”

And I said to myself that it means something to him, but he immediately dismisses this image because it is impossible for him. It is not in the same space-time. And Pascal is associated with trauma. Maybe his brain had erased it all from his memory.

Source: Allocine

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