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Tomorrow’s Ours: Ryan’s madly in love with Jack, discover his incredible gesture to win her back

Tomorrow’s Ours: Ryan’s madly in love with Jack, discover his incredible gesture to win her back

After having our hearts racing for months, Jack (Dimitri Fouquet) and Ryan (Sasha Bird) have split. News that had a real bombshell effect on fans who were terribly attached to them because of the episodes.

Unfortunately for them, Jack can’t forgive Ryan for lying so much while manufacturing the boosters. Although the young man immediately apologized, it wasn’t enough to convince Liz’s brother (Juliet Malibat) to give him another chance.

Worse, he doesn’t want to talk to her anymore. However, Karim’s nephew (Sami Gharbi) did not hesitate to leave him a message in which he stripped. And if Jack gets hit, he refuses to risk getting his heart broken again. But this was without considering his ex, who is determined to get him back.

Jack is in for a pleasant surprise

He can’t give up! And it is while leaving the house in the company of his sister that Jack discovers a wonderful surprise that Ryan has prepared for him. extraction Submitted by TF1. He drew a huge red heart with his initials inside, right at the entrance to their building.

Liz is immediately seduced by the young man’s gesture, and her twin replies that it’s funny. But the gift doesn’t stop there, as she sees Bruno (Kevin Levy) in the distance, leaving papers on the windshields of cars parked on the street.

“Anyway, you have no choice, you’re in love with me.”

He approaches and finds a white paper and these words : “In any case, you have no choice, you are in love with me.“A sentence that takes us back a bit. Remember, at the beginning of their story, Jack said this to Ryan to reassure him that he was right in their relationship.

And it worked! Unfortunately, that’s not the case this time, as Jack throws the paper and looks angry… maybe a little too much, as Liz points out that his reaction is violent to those who don’t love him more. Will the two lovers manage to find each other in Tomorrow Belongs to Us? We hope!

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