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Plus belle la vie: “Pascal is obsessed with Jennifer”… Diane Dassin talks about the relationship between the two characters

Plus belle la vie: “Pascal is obsessed with Jennifer”… Diane Dassin talks about the relationship between the two characters

Is Jennifer (Diane Dasinin) really in danger? A few days into Plus belle la vie, even plus belle, the medical secretary is kidnapped by her brother, Pascal (Davy Sardou). The latter wants to take revenge on the young woman whom he considers responsible for the death of his parents.

But if we thought at first that the nurse was going to kill her little sister, it turns out that she is going to leave Marseille with her. In Wednesday’s episode, Pascal tells Jennifer that he found someone to give them fake papers so they can escape.

But is Jennifer out of danger? AlloCiné sat down with Diane Dassigny and Davy Sardou to discuss this.

Will Pascal save Jennifer’s life?

For Devi Sardu, Pascal is ready to forgive Jennifer. “He needs a family very much“, he explained. “He needs to find his sister for reasons that will be explained in time.

This is how I understand the motivation of my hero, even if, of course, I do not defend his actions. He has no direction and misses his family. She is all he has left.

It is interesting that Pascal’s character is very ambiguous. I think she’s sort of the middle ground between love and hate…just like Jennifer in the end“, – said Diane Dasinini.

A relationship between love and hate

It is this ambiguity between the two characters and their family relationship that explains some of Jennifer’s actions, as Diane Dassinini explained. “There were times when I wondered about Jennifer’s reaction. I asked myself, “But why doesn’t he do that?”

But in reality, Pascal remains her adopted brother. So even though he tried to kill her, and even though she’s been trying to get away from him for a long time, it’s hard for her to condemn him. That’s what was interesting about this story..”

There is something almost a little romantic in the first sense of the term. This whole story is not so simple. As for Pascal, I think he missed her a lot. He is extremely angry with her because he is responsible for her, but at the same time he still loves her.

I get the impression that he has an obsession with her, even a psychiatric obsession. But I find that there is something quite strong between them. It’s not just the victim and the butcher. There is more at stake between them.

Now it remains to be seen if Pascal will try to kill Jennifer again or if he will finally decide to save her life. Answer in the next episodes of Plus belle la vie, even plus belle, from Monday to Friday on TF1 and in previews on the TF1+ platform.

Source: Allocine

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