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En Corps: Who is the announcement of Marion Barbo, the dancer and Cedric Clapish movie?

“Mar Corbo” dancer Marion Barbo is taking her first steps in front of the camera thanks to Cedric Clapish, a director who has a lot to do with her as a filmmaker. So, it’s time to dump her and move on.

When we went to the shooting range, in March 2021, we had just seen it from a distance, we had no idea about the result. Official since the release of the film: Marion Barbo shines in En Corps and has already established itself as one of the revelations of the movie year. For his first role in a feature film.

The first steps in the role, both close and far from him, which he plays thanks to Cedric Clapish, the film director who played the lead role in his film, as a dancer, opens when we meet him, a few weeks before the release.

So it’s time to dump her and move on. Because Marion Barbo does not want this experience to continue and will not mind spending a second in a film where it is not a dance issue at all. A talent that must be pursued very closely.

Marion Barbo has been playing for “En Corps” since March 30:

Source: allocine

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