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Un Si Grand Soleil: Is Ellis in mortal danger in the next episodes? Malia romance is questionable

Due to the broadcast of the Presidential Audiovisual Campaign every night on France Télévisions, the daily series Un Si Grand Soleil will no longer air on France 2 from March 28 to April 11.
In order for viewers to continue to watch the series during this period, visit the site France • TV We offer new content around the series from March 28: three new episodes will be free on the platform, as well as a new documentary behind the scenes of the series, which will be broadcast in two parts on Saturday, April 2 and 9.
From the discovery of the script to the day of filming, recurring actors, guests, film crew members and the producer share their feelings and daily life … with a few revelations!
To read the first part of the documentary, Perrine Tourneux accompanies the viewer to show what it means to be a guest on the series. In Un Si Grand Soleil, the rookie actor plays Pauline, one of the main characters in the next detective story in the series. Gael Lestrak’s prisoner (played by Ellen DeGy), Pauline will try to unite the prisoner in his case to help him prepare for escape.
There we are on the aperitif. Everything we have just seen when we are released from prison is just the beginning of everything that will happen“He promises.” Especially interesting because it is not a stereotype. He has something amazing, he is very strong. He’s a soldier. He finds himself in completely insane situations and has a pretty amazing sense of crisis management every time.
Among the information leaked to this story, which began in January at a daily studio in Martig, near Montpellier, we learn that Ellen DeGy, Gaëlle’s translator, was pregnant during filming after a year of absence and therefore took advantage. For the numerous action scenes required from the trick, try to escape, exchange shots with the police, and perform various acrobatics.
The actor had the opportunity to have a nice reunion with his ex-partner, Benjamin Burgua. It symbolizes Alex, who fell madly in love with Gael when he arrived at the police station as a recruiter. “It was a wonderful meeting with Benjamin! He sometimes said that his arch was one of his favorites along with GaelHe rejoices.
For Helen Dej, the character Gael, both insidious and complex, had a difficult life until he landed and committed a murder that cost him his freedom and his relationship with Alex. Their union during this intrigue, while Gael seeks his support to benefit from the termination of the sentence, so there is concern on his side.
Alex was the story of his only heart “He explains. “He shattered what he started to build, as if he was not really allowed to be happy in love. He keeps it because it’s the only good memory he has in prison. But in the end he will fall in love with the memory.
We allow ourselves to be guided by the power of the characters“, Explains Thomas de Matisse, producer of the series.Unlike other series where the story can play an important role, the writing of Un Si grand Soleil screenwriters is obviously an offer of intrigue to the viewer, but to do so with respect and the dynamics that the characters we create give us. .
Thus, the character of Jasmine Benjelun, played by Soria Mufakir, was initially supposed to be only a minor role in a dramatic story where Driss, Anisa’s brother, was sent behind bars. “At first I only had to play the role of a guest, more than 4/5 days after the filming, and then a few months later they called me and offered me the whole ark. It was a real gift. I told myself that I trusted that I had the inspiration to write“Driven by the actor, he says that the fans who knew him on the street shed tears in front of him because he was experiencing the ordeal of a Jasmine character whose son is in prison.

Soria Mufakiri (Jasmine)

Nadia Fossier, who joined the cast of the series in 2021, in the role of Alex, due to a divorce from a woman when Ludo (Folco March) became an escort, says she was inspired by a character played by Bob Odenkirk. Better Call Saul series to create his character. A low-level host who turns out to be an excellent lawyer. “What I liked about him was that he was a survivor. He is confused because he is in survival. The same goes for Alex, from his first scenes. Survival caused confusion among his people. I decided to talk about it, with the speed and execution of speech, this character should have been.
As for Hubert Benhamdin, who plays Christoph, Johanna’s avenging ex-husband, his character was supposed to die of a heart attack in his first plot, but because the producer was so pleased with his interpretation, he decided to leave her back in the second summer. And give it depth. “I could never have imagined that this template was going to be an attraction. For me it is very interesting, I enjoy from one atmosphere to another and from one psychological profile to another. Wonderful game for an actor“- he says.
Due to a serious heart problem, his character, both troubled and fragile, will be partly inspired by the character of American director M. Night Shyamalan’s universe. “Matthew Bollett, the series’ artistic director, called me one day and told me he had a lot of ideas for the character. He started telling me about a character called the Glass Man (With reference to the Unbreakable movie, the editor’s note.) We are almost in the world of Marvel, he is the villain in the superhero movie!“He rejoiced.”It was interesting for me to perceive the reference characters, who bring a very typical, very characteristic and special atmosphere.
As we know, the daily series contributes to the most unexpected twists and sometimes dramatic results, as we saw in the sudden death of Leah (Martha Fieski), the daughter of Virgil, during a fire.
The introduction to the documentary shows an exchange of gunfire between two recurring police officers in the series, Akim (Aisam Medem) and Elise (Malia Roman). The bullet hits him, the latter collapses and his colleague runs to his bed. “When you are a police officer, you have no place to make mistakes, especially if you give in to fear“, We hear the statement of Malia Roman in the introduction of the documentary.Except that at this moment I’m scared. Yes, I’m dying.“Do the writers of the series leave a new drama for the viewers with the murder of Ellis?”
For me it could be the end“, The actor continues loudly. An event that risks further damaging the connection between Alex and Gael, as this shooting apparently takes place when the police try to arrest him while fleeing with Polina.
On this topic, according to Benjamin Burgua, the actors used a silent rule on the set to find out if their characters can reappear after a long absence from the series. “Are you in jail? A little irritating. Aren’t you dead? If you do not die, you can always come back!“He rejoiced.”You never know what might happen.Hopefully we will hear more about Elise’s fate when the second part of the behind-the-scenes documentary Un Si Grand Soleil goes live on Saturday, April 9th. France • TV.

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