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Is En Corps the best movie of the week?

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To help you make a choice, we present 3 films of the week that have been rated the best by the press and viewers on AlloCiné! *

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3 Best Movies by Press:

1st draw: Icarus – 3,7 / 5

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“The film remains more adventurous and morally ambiguous than most animated films that do not meet its standards.” Editor (Widescreen)

“The filmmaker looks at the myth brilliantly with a script created with accents of old tragedy and virtuoso animation.” By Xavier Leherpeur (new observer)

Return to Reims (fragments) – 3.7 / 5

“Perio, first and foremost, with Eribon’s images and text, signs a capitalist, poetic and political film, a representation of the working class that is necessary and rarely seen.” Author of Michael Melinard (L’Humanité)

“Through Heinel there are other struggles, other liberations: in this way the film director can convincingly trace the domination of the bourgeoisie through the struggle of the workers.” By Jerome D’Este (Seventh Obsession)

3rd: Freaks Out – 3.6 / 5

“A true declaration of love for Italian culture, anonymous, humble and marginalized, this amazing monster fosters a poetic perception of a vomiting norm where superpowers define the boundless superiority of art in the world. In this, it is a gesture. He is also political: exacerbating aesthetic impurity, hybridism, Gabriele Maynett naturally fits into his freak gallery. By Olivier Rossiniot and Alexandre Lebrak (

“More than two hours of frescoes without dead time, where poetry, action and adventure are remarkably one.” Thierry Chase (Western France)

3 Best Movies by Audience:

1st: in the body – 4.2 / 5

“A wonderful honor for the dancers (RS). Brilliant music and sophistication of the script. A very very beautiful film about dance, friendship and always family. Thanks for this beautiful moment.” By Regina Buchholz

“Cedric Clapish’s wonderful film, Grace and Beauty is always there. The dance is very relevant, but I felt it above all as a film about physical and mental reconstruction.” By Pierre Cine

2nd: Aristocrats – 4/5

“It ‘s modern and brutally elegant. We can only advise you to share their daily lives, imbued with sensitivity by Ryusuke Hamaguchi (Emotions, Age I&II), another emotion researcher in Japan that we often think of before. The work is so deeply delicate that it Barely 36 years old. ”By Arno

“The film follows these young women with amazing compassion and delicacy. Everything in this film is sophisticated, staging, acting, storytelling” Goland

3rd: Freaks Out – 3.8 / 5

“Gabriele Maynett is writing a multi-genre, baroque and modern film, sometimes insane, always fantastic, but whose bravery deserves a certain twist. It is a very good movie moment to watch, discuss and recommend.” By Selenium

“Freaks Out is a uno schaffio (Slap) that manages to exceed our wildest expectations in every way!” By Sydney

* According to the AlloCiné Barometer Ratings, Friday, April 1, 2022, for movies released in theaters on Wednesday, March 30, with at least 10 reviews for Best Press and 50 ratings for Best Viewer. These two tops do not contain films released in France once or several times.

Source: allocine

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