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CANNESERIES 2022: We saw the first episode of Halo and the powerful Israeli TV series The Lesson

The fifth season of the CANNESERIES Festival kicked off perfectly with the presentation of the Variety Icon Award for Gillian Anderson (X-Files, Sex Education, Crown) and the Sydney Swan (Euphoria, White Lotus) celebration. Madame Figaro Rising Star Award.

The opening night continued with a preliminary screening of the first episode of the adaptation of the long-awaited HALO video game produced by producer HALO Spielberg.

In terms of competition, we discovered The Lesson, a powerful Israeli TV series that deals with fundamental social issues, with actress Maya Landsman, who has already caused a sensation in the Sad City Girls last year.

HALO (out of competition)

In the project since 2013, the serial adaptation of the Halo video game franchise is finally seeing the light of day today. Producer Steven Spielberg with Amblin Television, by the way, tells the story of the war in the 26th century between the UN space command and the alliance of several extraterrestrial species, through the history of the Spartan super-soldier John-117, nicknamed the Master. Home (Pablo Schreiber), a cult hero of video games.

If the series stays true to the spirit of the video game franchise and transcribes this rich world between humans and aliens amidst this battle, it will primarily seek to delve into universal human themes by weaving deep personal intrigues. And this bias applies to both the different characters who cross the Master Chip as the latter, in the midst of a revolt against existential crisis and authority, as evidenced by his face without an uncovered helmet, unlike games.

In this rather well-painted humanistic vision of a chaotic and visually impressive world that should be as epic as Mandaloria or the Western world (even with its disturbingly similar titles), Halo does not forget to be an adventure show with an attractive opening. A scene of great violence. Unfortunately, the soup falls pretty fast after that, too (too?) Is the fault of the didactic scenario. We understand that the production wanted to appeal to both video game fans as well as neophytes, but this adaptation lacks some spark.

Lesson (Competition)

She lit up the pink carpet last year with a presentation by the Sad City Girls, she is back in The Lesson, the new original series of the competition, which has caused a lot of talk in Israel. In this series created by Deckla Caidar and directed by Ethan Zur (original version of Asylum City, BeTipul, In Therapy), Maya Landsman plays Lian, a 17-year-old student who defends her political ideas from Amir (Doron Ben-David). ), A forty-year-old teacher, at school.

But these school debates will quickly transcend the boundaries of the institution and turn into a social confrontation where students, parents and teachers will be at the center of a political and media storm that touches on sensitive topics. Amir and Liani are busy in their positions and their ruthlessness will have devastating consequences that will forever change the lives of them and their loved ones. Fluctuating between the teen series and the political drama, the lesson begins with loud dialogues where Lian and Amir are given money every minute.

As soon as the heated debate is over, the dangerously torn count of social networks begins and promises a catastrophic result. Israeli products could always offer sharp and topical stories that reflect painful issues in society and the lesson is no exception. Add to that the resident performances of Maya Landsman and Doron Ben-David, which make this look both exciting and thrilling.

Source: allocine

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