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VOD: Ghostbusters – The Legacy, Blood Oranges … Movies Not to Miss This Week

What are the latest VOD releases? Answer in our weekly review.


Available on VOD April 5, 2022

Paul Chateau-Tetar, a 45-year-old bachelor and a freshman of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, takes the subway for the first time in his life and falls in love with young ticket seller Ava. Their marriage is not like the “mother”, Adelaide Chateau-Tetar, also known as the Queen Mother. However, the latter gets used to it: a heir would be welcome. But the baby is slowly coming … A ruthless war begins between the two women, the mother queen is convinced that Ava is lying to her child. Must be in love somewhere …

We are made for each other

Available on VOD April 5, 2022

Antoine seems to be listening to nothing and no one: his students (who demand more attention from him), his colleagues (who do not like his lack of concentration), his lovers (who criticize him for lack of compassion) … and for good reason: Antoine is still young , But lost much hearing. Her new neighbor Claire, who has temporarily moved in with her daughter after losing her husband, dreams of peace and tranquility. Not from such a noisy neighbor as Antoine, with its loud music and endless call alarm clock. And yet, Claire and Antoine are made for each other!

Blood orange

Available on VOD April 6, 2022

While in France, several over-indebted retirees are trying to win a rock competition, a minister suspected of tax evasion, a young teenager meets a sexually insane man. The long night begins. The dogs were released.

Ghostbusters: The Legacy

Available on VOD April 6, 2022

A single mother and her two children settle in a small town and gradually discover a relationship with ghost hunters and a legacy left by their grandfather.

Woman of the world

Available on VOD April 6, 2022

Marie has been a prostitute in Strasbourg for 20 years. It has its little sidewalk, its regular, freedom. And son, Adrienne, 17 years old. To secure her future, Marie wants to pay her tuition. He needs money, fast.


Available on VOD April 6, 2022

Bella and Vipulan are 16 years old, a generation that is convinced that their future is in danger. Climate change, the 6th mass extinction of species … In 50 years, their world will become uninhabitable. They may be warned, but in reality nothing changes. So they decide to go back to the source of the problem: our relationship with the living world. During the extraordinary journey they will realize that we are deeply connected to all other species. And that by saving them we too will save ourselves. Man believed he could be separated from nature, but he is nature. It is also an animal.

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