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30 Coffin Island: Charles Burling and Virgin Ledoyen react to the final announcement of the France 2 series

A new adaptation of the novel by Maurice LeBlanc, father of Arsene Lupine, father of Arsene Lupine, L’île aux 30 coffins, held by Virgin Ledoyen and Charles Berlin, ended last night at France 2 and offered viewers an extremely tense finale in which there is an extremely tense connection. The final confrontation between Christine and her husband. Who was hiding behind the attempted murder of their son sixteen years ago.

If the script of Elsa Marpo and Florent Meyer remains partly faithful to LeBlanc’s work, the authors of the France 2 series decided to get rid of Rafael Vorsky’s crime in the novel and the previous 1979. Adapting to Claude Jade, who quickly portrayed Vorsky as a negative and potentially Machiavellian creature.

“It seemed very important to us that the thriller would lead us to the final revelation”Explained Stephen Moati, producer of The Island of 30 Coffins, at a press conference on France 2 shortly before the series aired.

“The novel and the 1979 series are built like this, it’s a choice, it’s too early to say. Look, we wanted to go for something else. Besides, we created a fake trail before the final revelation. It’s a choice that looked..

“I had a feeling that this final revelation made it possible to tighten the theme of the series”For his part, explained Frederick Mermud, the series director who especially worked on The Returned. “What I appreciate about the last two episodes is that they really develop the theme of the series: a couple, but also a certain masculinity bankruptcy.”.

“I realize that what Charles Burling embodies is, to some extent, a tragedy of modern man losing his essence.”Continued Frederick Mermud. “It’s a serial drama that has kept us in this mystery for as long as possible, even if those who have read the novel know that Vorsky is the villain of the story.”.

Clearly more up-to-date with storytelling techniques and staging, The Island of 30 Coffins 2022 version also addresses more contemporary and topical issues than ever before, such as the influence and toxic masculinity through the relationship between Christine and Raphael Vorsky. Interpreted by Virgin Ledoyen and Charles Burling.

“Christine is a very paradoxical character. She is very decisive in her search and at the same time very vulnerable.”– Ando Virgin Ledoyen, who was recently seen on a small screen with Nona and her daughters. “She is almost in control. She has a relationship with her husband that is almost sclerotic. She feels she can do nothing independently, even though she is quite firm.”.

For Charles Burling, the other headliner of the series was interested in the negative side of Vorsky. “What I liked immediately was the nature of the role itself. I was often offered positive characters, but I was rarely offered to play such bad people.”.

“You can not say that Vorsky shines with his humanity. He is a bit sick. Everything we built with Frederick and Virginia was convincing until the masked forward kept this revelation at the end of the series. Frederick directed me a lot. According to that. “It’s too big.” It was exciting and very new to me. “.

And if Worski, the perpetrator of the death of the perpetrator Emily Clavel and the attempted murder of her son, Paul, commits horrific behavior at birth, it is primarily because of the “madness of love” because she is convinced that Paul was “without death.” , Christine and he could never part with Sarek and they would live happily ever after all these years.

“I like gray places very much, I do not like pronounced Manichaeism”– Charles Burling continued at the press conference. “I was trying to find a strong, radical love affair between these two characters, which would lead to this catastrophe. But I did not play the role of a villain. I am playing a person who is immersed in his own love radicalism..

“There are resonances of very cultural machismo here that have been taken to extremes. It is interesting that Christine realizes that she was with this terrible guy. We can live for years with someone we do not know. This is one of them. Very nice points from this series.”.

“Charles did not judge his character. This is the intellect he possessed from the beginning.”Completed the conclusion of director Frederick Mermud. “And thanks to that, he brought his character to a completely undesirable place in the 5th and 6th episodes..

“The fact that Vorski did not judge added real power to the story. We’ve been able to stylize the last two episodes and the confrontation between Christine and Raphael with moments of rather insane uncertainty. Even at the end when they are on shore. He has a kind of impulse that makes this couple take us to completely new places. “.

Quite a surprising proposition for France 2, between thriller, horror and saga, which allowed the channel to be the leader for three weeks of broadcasting, with an average of 3.38 million viewers, or 16.7% of the public. Good points, which will not be the motivation of the second season, because 30 Coffins Island is a complete mini-series that is self-sufficient.

Source: allocine

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