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Love Secrets: Neighboring Girl Actor Joins TMC Series Actors

According to our colleagues, last year the character of Etienne, played by David Pruss as Elena and the Boys, will be brought back last year, Jean-Luc Azule plans to bring back the actor who stood out on the small screen in the 90s. TV-vacation.

This is Bradley Cole, an actor who from 1993 to 1995 played the character of Daniel, the photographer and Mark’s roommate in the series “Neighbor Girls”. The American seduces neighbors throughout the episodes, but ends up going to the United States to join his fiancée’s conscience.

Bradley Cole, Image Center.

After completing the sitcom, Bradley Cole Has had several roles in American soap operas such as Hate and Passion (1999-2009) and Central Hospital (2010). She has also made several appearances in love holiday episodes.

Star in the 90s in France thanks to Girls Next Door, Bradley Cole That’s why he joins the cast of Love Secrets 27 years after the series ended, which made him famous. He will make a big comeback with French band Hélène Rollès on French television on Saturday, April 16, during the airing of a new episode on TMC at 19:50.

What will be her role in the series? So far, no clue is given. So we have to wait for the episode to find out.

After his visit Secrets of loveThe actor will be ready to be part of the cast of the next series Jean-Luc Azule Neighbor new, new girls, in the words of the producer.

Source: allocine

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