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This is where it all begins: What awaits you in the 372 episodes of Wednesday, April 6, 2022 [SPOILERS]


Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers from the TV series here it all starts tomorrow evening on TF1! If you do not want to understand anything, do not read!

It all starts here on Wednesday, April 6th…

In the morning, Celia enjoys meeting Martha in the park to talk to her. If he is convinced that he is his stanker, he is also convinced that Charlene is his accomplice. He said Martha had every reason to be angry at him because Theo left her like no one else. Celia even goes so far as to admit that she would have done the same in her place. Frankly, Martha says she hates it and wanted it to never exist until she asked for it alone.

Martha then meets Theo in the dressing room. Surprised to see him at the institute so soon, Tessier’s son tries to find out if he is better. Enthusiastic Martha replies that she is fully empowered. Charlene then offers her brother to take her from the Easter menu. Uncomfortable, Theo hesitates because he is afraid it will be too difficult, but Martha explains that he is very happy to see her again. At her sister’s insistence, Theo finally admits that her ex will join her brigade.

Unexpectedly, Theo, Charlene and Martha go to work. When Cellia comes to pick up the knives, she hears them review their recipe and offers to put almond powder in their recipe. If Martha thanks him for the offer, he reminds her that he is no longer a member of the brigade. Shortly after, Celia reveals to Theo that Martha is the person who harassed her from the beginning, but the latter, who does not believe her, orders her to leave the place.

Celia then finds Elliot and Hortens then tells her what happened. For Eliot, his friend has a fixation on Martha because they are both in love with the same man. Until he has any concrete evidence, he advises him to drop his charge at the risk that everything will fall on him. Only, Gaisaki girl is not going to suffer for not doing anything.

For his part, Theo trusts his mother. Between Martha, Celia’s return, and the Easter menu, the young man has a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Fearing to burn, Constance asks him to slow down a bit, but he refuses. Despite everything, he worries about returning to cannabis. What is happening is more and more often thinking about smoking. Since he does not want to go to see the compress, Constance gives him the passionflower.

Later, Theo receives a message from Celia that makes him believe he is alone in the salt marshes and is afraid that his stanker will attack him. When he got there, Celia claims that his stalker did it again and filmed it at home. However, Theo, who looks at the pictures, realizes that the video was taken from inside, and Celia tricked him into believing that he was telling the truth from the beginning. Angry, he accuses him of manipulating him. So Celia apologizes to him and then points out that he did it because he loves her and misses her terribly. Then Theo kisses him passionately.

In the morning, Laetia goes to Mirby’s kitchen to deliver a letter to Deva, who has been summoned to the prefecture to apply for a student visa. So he will be able to stay in France and continue his studies at the institute. Crazy out of joy Laity, Kelly and Deva jump into each other’s arms.

Deva immediately tells the good news to Suleiman and thanks him for everything he has done for her. Happy for him, son Miriel invites him to celebrate dinner, but he avoids it.

Later, Deva informs Kelly that she still has feelings for Suleiman. The latter then appears there to encourage him.

In the kitchen, Tommy Mehdi shows a few suggestions for planet-shaped Easter chocolate. When he discovers his students ’concept, Chef Landiras turns on their green light and congratulates Tom on his sketches, much to the chagrin of Hortens, who feels that his classmate has stolen his ideas. While Tom and Hortens are arguing, Mehdi intervenes and urges them to end their little war.

Subsequently Tommy tries Florence, but to no avail. So he leaves a message on his answering machine in which he tells how he is worried about the damage he has done. Hortens, who has heard everything, then cheers by throwing peaks at him. He says you will only reap what you sow. Mehdi once again intervenes and invites them to distinguish between professional and personal life for the benefit of the brigade.

Not appreciating his remarks, Hortens later reprimands his boyfriend for not protecting him. Although he is madly in love with her, Mehdi realizes that he cannot do it every time. Rather, he wants to tell you when he is violent or when he is angry, as he is today. When he adds that he can hate a tribe other than the kitchen, Hortens promises effort.

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