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Tomorrow belongs to us: What awaits you in the 1158 episode of Wednesday, April 6, 2022 [SPOILERS]


Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for tomorrow evening TF1 episode Tomorrow belongs to us! If you do not want to understand anything, do not read!

Tuesday 5 April Tomorrow belongs to us…

Karim and Sarah find the traces of the stolen car and go straight to the scrap. Even if the site manager told them that the car they were looking for had been destroyed the day before, they would still ask to see the body. The police were clearly lucky because he did not reach the press after the technical incident. While searching the car, Sarah and Karim heard a noise from the trunk and then released Gabriel, who was rushed to a hospital.

Later, Karim goes to Gabriel’s bed to interrogate him. The latter is convinced that Guarantee was trying to kill him because he realized he was suspected of it. For him, a former classmate also killed Romney and his sister. After promising to take his allegations seriously, Captain Said tries to find out if he saw an attack on him guarantee. Unfortunately, Geho’s son only felt that someone had grabbed him from behind.

At the station, Sarah, Damien, and Karim find it hard to believe that Garanz could have attacked Gabriel. Because of its size, they do not see it dragging it to the trunk of the car. So Karim wonders if Olivier’s daughter can be an accomplice.

Sarah later discovered that Garanse had registered on her Facebook page, where she discussed sexual assault a few weeks after the secret party. However, he never filed a complaint. So the police imagined he could have met in the corridor of the Roman Melville facility after the party left earlier than the others. The latter could then very much have sexually assaulted him. In fact, Garanz could have killed Romain accidentally or for self-defense. In a panic he would bury the body alone or with an accomplice.

Meanwhile, Guarantee sends a video to Sarah, Olivier and Charlie in which she confesses.

My name is Garance Doucet. Roman Melville I killed. It was two and a half years ago at a secret party in Agnes Rose. I did not know him until this evening. It was sticky, heavy. And at some point he was no longer there and I thought he understood. But when I went to the party, he followed me.

It was in the corridor, no one was there. Only the two of us. Insulted. He kissed me hard and put his hands under my clothes. I knew he would not stop and he was stronger than me. Well I do not know how but I took an iron lattice from the yard and slapped him in the face. Only once, but fell. He was bleeding from the temple. He had his eyes open. He was dead.

Then I took out his body and buried it in the school basement. And waited until the end of the evening for the fire to burn. Three weeks ago, when Romney and I arrived in town, I was in a panic. So I got rid of it. And when I wanted to move Roman’s body, Chloe Delcourt almost saw me, so I was defeated. And then there was Gabriel. I had no choice.

I apologize to everyone who offended me. And you, father, forgive me. I love you.

I have to pay for what I did, but I can not go to jail, so I prefer to finish. IM sorry… “.

Annoyed, Olivier rushes to the hospital and kicks his daughter. Unfortunately Garance is nowhere to be found. Before he warns the police, Garan throws himself from the roof of the building.

Raphael spent the night in Stanislaus’s arms. Wanting to spend time alone with him Stanislas urges him to cancel a sea voyage with Chloe and Alex. Although he does not like to do this, Raphael calls Chloe and thinks that Stanislas is sick.

Rafael later joins Stanislas by boat for their little voyage to the sea.At the same time Alex and Chloe are walking in the harbor and see two lovers. Before Alex thinks their boyfriend lied to keep quiet, Chloe says she prefers to tell him the truth. In any case, this confirms his feeling towards Stanislas that he can not frame. For his part, Raphael notices his friends from a distance and hurries to hide. For Stanislas they have not seen them.

In the evening Rafaela does not feel guilty and explains to Stanislas that she no longer wants to find herself in such a situation. As soon as he admits that he is very impulsive, Stanislas admits that what he feels towards him is strong. If he wants to spend time with her, it’s because he really wants to meet her and their story works. In order to forgive, he then offers to invite Chloe and Alex on another trip to the sea.

William and Benedict have an unpleasant surprise when they see their mother waiting for them at the hospital reception. And Brigitte did not come empty-handed because she has a lot of suitcases with her. Indeed, she did not want the expectation of her husband’s retirement to come and see her children and grandchildren.

Because her house has been rented for a few weeks, Bridget has nowhere to go. If William makes every effort to settle with his mother Benedict, the latter tries in every way to settle with his brother. While they are arguing to get rid of this labor, Bridget realizes that no one wants her. Benedict persuaded him to gladly greet him on the boat if there was a place, Benedict eventually won the case by cutting off his mother William.

Bridget was later exhausted because she could not sleep in her two grandchildren’s room. Since he normally sleeps in a room facing north, he does not shy away from using emotional blackmail to get William and Auror’s room.

At the end of the day, Brigitte enjoys having her whole family gather for dinner to make a sensational announcement. She left her husband dir. She may have loved her husband very much, but Bridget could not stand it. After listening to directing all his life, he now feels free and in the need to make his own decisions. So he is going to settle in Seth forever to see his grandchildren grow up.

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