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A more beautiful life in advance: a summary of the Wednesday episode of April 6, 2022 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode A more beautiful life Will be broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

At the police station, Ariane is in charge of questioning the Liberals in the presence of their lawyer, while Jean-Paul interrogates Alexander and Ms. Delatre separately. Everyone knows Theo and describes him as a straightforward person who always pays his debts. On the other hand, no one knows Coralia. Moreover, they all have an alibi to confirm the witnesses on the evening of his death …

For their part, Frank and Blanche are arguing. Despite his ex-wife’s warning, Frank decides to do everything he can to help the dolphin find out about his child. He joins Celine at the police station, where Jean-Paul claims that Theo is still guilty and has been charged with complicity in the murder of the dolphin.

Upon leaving, Frank discovers that the Liberals have negotiated their release. Mad with rage, he plans to attack them.

Meanwhile, the fan meets Alexander as soon as he returns to the neighbor. He explains that he played poker in the hope that he would make money to spoil it. Police released him with an illegal gambling ticket. However the fan is not ready to forgive him. He no longer trusts her and will kick her out …

Celine, who spent the whole night celebrating Gabriel’s victory pinball, informs Thomas that they are still at the bar. Celine tries to persuade Gabriel, completely drunk, to leave the place. But the latter does as he pleases. He does not shy away from bothering Eric, one by one in the middle. After several warnings, the policeman punches Gabriel in the abdomen in his place.

Celine leads Gabriel to Vidal for an examination. The doctor is understanding and kind to a colleague. Returning home, Gabriel accepts Celine’s proposal. To avoid breaking up, he offers her to prove her modesty by going through a stretcher internship at a private club.

Kevin, who can not stand a depressed uncle at home, urges his mother to play matchmaker. Laetia then finds an excuse to ask Carmen about her men and make sure her brother has a chance with her. Indeed, he holds all the boxes.

Laetia tells the good news to her brother and offers to help with the approach, provided she is sincere. He pushes her to approach Carmen, who is mounted on the terrace of Mars. When he introduces himself, the latter realizes that he is his secret admirer. Danny runs well between them. But Gerard can not help but lie to seduce him and argues that he opened a salsa school for street children in Cuba.

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