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Concha Velasco excites in the 2020 Silver Frames: “I have been an advanced in everything”


An icon of cinema, television and theater in our country, the veteran actress accompanied FOTOGRAMAS on its most special night to collect the Tribute to a Career Award.

    Not that to Shell Velasco Silver Frames are missing (he has eight!), but the one he received this November 15 is the most special of all. It is not only because it coincided with the 75th anniversary of FOTOGRAMAS, a magazine that accompanied her throughout her career, but also because it is the Tribute Award, which celebrates a lifetime dedicated to cinema, television and theater.

    We could not have a better finishing touch for this ceremony than the Fotogramas de Plata Special Tribute Award“, began the host of the gala, Paula Usero, when the rest of the night’s awards had already been delivered. “An award that this year is for a total artist. A woman much loved and respected by generations, ahead of her time, who has done it all and who has left us unforgettable roles.. thanks shell“, he said, giving way to a well-deserved and prolonged ovation that resounded in the walls of the Casino de Madrid while Raúl Arévalo presented the award to Concha Velasco.

    From her table and microphone in hand, surrounded by an entire industry that admires and venerates her, the “Ye Ye Girl” thanked the award, which she can put next to her Gold Medal, Goya of Honor and Max Honor Award.How lucky to be here and that you dedicate this tribute to meshe began, excited.

    When I see myself I no longer recognize myself, he confessed, referring to the beautiful tribute video that accompanied the presentation of the award. In it we could see images of some of his most memorable works, from ‘The Red Cross Girls’ (Rafael J. Salvia, 1958) to ‘Paris-Timbuktu’ (Luis García Berlanga, 1999). The actress was trained in Classical and Spanish Dance, but soon the cinema crossed her career when she was only 15 years old. She made her debut in 1954 when the director Raúl Alfonso hired her as a dancer in his film adaptation of the zarzuela ‘La Reina Mora’ (1955).

    from there it was a meteoric rise: ‘The day of lovers’, ‘Those who have to serve’, ‘The house of the Martínez’, ‘Torment’, ‘Pim, pam, pum… Fire!’, ‘La Colmena’, ‘I get off in the next one, and you?’, ‘Beyond the garden’ and so many other films made her a legend of Spanish cinema. And we do not forget his important work on stage and on televisionin series such as ‘Teresa de Jesús’, ‘Compañeros’, ‘Yo, una mujer’, ‘Personal reasons’, ‘Heirs’, ‘Velvet’ or ‘Cable girls’.

    I didn’t want it to end, but I admit that yes, it’s a good culmination“, he confessed during his speech, mentioning their health problems during “this unfortunate pandemic What has set her apart, definitively? of cameras and stages. “I am going to be 82 years old, FOTOGRAMAS is 75, so I have lived almost the same as you“, he continued, acknowledging the work of the director Julieta Martialay at the head of the magazine (“you have managed to get frames to be what we have always wanted it to be“) and remembering anecdotes of all kinds.

    Among other things, she spoke of the social conquests achieved beyond the borders of her work as an actress. I have been an advanced in everything, my servant has always been there, he noted. There was an amusing mention of her sentimental life (“I haven’t had much luck in love but maybe because I was always working and I was in a hurry.“) and also wanted to remember his mother, “that exemplary woman I wanted to look like“and that taught her to reach the hearts of the public was not an easy task. However, Concha Velasco did achieve it. Her career is an example of talent, effort and perseverance. Her legacy, regardless of the artistic discipline, is the history of Spain At the end of his speech at the Silver Frames 2020, Velasco asked us for something: “That you have the memory of that actress that we have seen in the video.

    Source: Fotogramas



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