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‘Euphoria’: Brian Cox recreates one of the most iconic scenes of the second season


The definitive HBO Max crossover.

        Brian Coxthe protagonist of ‘Succession’ has been the protagonist of what was perhaps the most viral scene of season 2 of ‘Euphoria’: the moment when Cassie (sydney sweeney) declared his love for Nate when he was in the bathroom of the institute before the eyes of almost all the female cast of the series.

        To get into character, Cox donned a cowboy hat and blue plaid shirt to take on the role on Jimmy Kimmel’s March 14 show. The actor’s image was inserted into the image, swapped for that of Sweeney’s role.

        with his hand on his hip. “I’m in love with Nate Jacobs and he’s in love with me, and don’t look at me like that!“Says the one who gives life to Logan Roy in the other HBO Max series.

        For Rue (Zendaya), Kat (Barbie Ferreira), and Maddy (Alexa Demie), Cox continues in a whisper: “Because you guys broke up three weeks and three days ago, before I slept with him, so I didn’t betray you. You were doing each other no good and you know I’m right. You can judge me if you want, I don’t care. I have never, ever been so happy!“, repeats Cox emulating the hardest moment -and not real- of the character of Sweeney in the series. You can see the video at the beginning of this news.

        Cox for his part takes his role in ‘Euphoria’ very seriously. The 75-year-old actor revealed earlier this year that he refused to be in ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, however he has participated in films such as ‘Troy’, ‘The Bourne Affair’, ‘Rob Roy’, ‘ Braveheart’, ‘Match Point’ or ‘X-Men 2’, among others. But stepping into a role as a teenager obsessed with a boy was something he had to try.

        It is certainly a heartbreaking scene. Especially since it is the point and end of the character’s day to day, that she sets her alarm at 4 in the morning to start getting pretty for and for the boy she likes. Faced with this way of exploding the young woman in front of her friends, and seeing later that it has not been like that, but that it is what she really needs, the audience can do nothing but pity Cassie, and once again in the series, feel a great impotence for the behavior of a certain character.

        HBO has confirmed that there will be a third season of ‘Euphoria’. However, it will take a long time to arrive: surely the filming will begin throughout the coming year. Zendaya’s schedule is very tight. Will it be in 2024 when it opens? We will be pending.

        As for the series ‘Succession’, it is confirmed that there will be a 4th season. At the moment the development is in the early stages. Surely filming could start this summer, so we would not hear from the Roy family until 2023 for sure.

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