This is where it all begins: What awaits you in the 373 episodes of Thursday, April 7, 2022 [SPOILERS]

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers from the TV series here it all starts tomorrow evening on TF1! If you do not want to understand anything, do not read!

It all starts here on Thursday, April 7…

Theo and Celia spent the night together. If a young woman happily wakes up in her arms, it obviously does not apply to Theo, who is in a hurry to get dressed. When he tries to understand what is happening, Tessier’s son says that night was a mistake he wanted to forget. Indeed, Theo still does not believe that Celia was trying to show that she was being harassed by filming. Gaisaki’s girl realizes that they are mixed up, but still thinks that they love each other so much that they are no longer together. Although he swears he will never do it again, Theo leaves him alone.

Theo returns to the institute to apologize to Charlene and Martha for planting the day before. Because he had not returned home all night, Charlene concluded that he had slept with Celia. Embarrassed to see her, Martha intervenes and assures her that she can sleep freely with whomever she wants.

Shortly after, Martha confronts Celia at the Commissar and rejoices in provoking her. While Martha is confident that Theo will never return to her, Celia replies that she is confident that she will return to him when she learns the truth. In the conversation, Martha admits that she was the one who harassed her from the beginning. After he was insulted, Celia says he will condemn her in front of everyone, but Martha reminds her that she has already done it and that no one believes her. He then provokes a competitor by repeatedly pushing him. Celia may ask to stop, nothing will help. An angry, gaunt girl, in turn, violently pushes him out of the building. But during their argument, Celia dropped the bracelet, which Martha hastened to recover.

Returning to her room, Martha hurriedly returns the items. After throwing it in the laundry basket, he sets it on fire, puts Celia’s bracelet on the ground and leaves. A few minutes later Deva and Theo realize that the room is on fire. Without expectation, Tessier’s son picks up the fire truck and manages to stop the fire before it’s too late. For her part, Deva notices that Martha’s clothes were burning.

Warned by Deva, Teixe and Martha go to the dormitory. Since only her belongings were burned, Martha immediately blames Celia. However, he could not find a bracelet that would confirm his statements and thus release him.

Despite everything, Emanuel also suspects Celia, but Theo defends him and convinces him that he could not do such a thing. Teixie starts to run, while hoping that her son will not cover it, otherwise he will lose the leader position in Double A.

At the end of the day, Theo goes to the salt marshes and reads to Celia to find out where she was this afternoon. When he says that he spent the afternoon with his grandfather, he does not believe Theo and accuses him of setting fire to Martha’s clothes before he took the bracelet, the laundry basket, next to him. And specify that it was last covered. When he prepares to leave, Celia begs him to stay, but Theo says he never wants to see her again.

Axel wants to attend classes at the institute and spend her free time studying cooking. Unfortunately, Uncle refuses to reinforce it. However, the motivated Axel decides to train independently thanks to Emmanuel’s books.

Later, the latter surprises his nephew when he reads his cookbook while doing the dishes. Realizing that he had searched his library, he notes that he could have been expelled because of it. He then warns her that if the dishes are not sparkling or if she constantly finds a drop of water on the book, she will force her to wash the toilets before Christmas and without gloves.

On Double A, Enzo fell in love with a client. Unlucky, he likes Lisandro and does not hesitate to point this out to Anais. Moreover, the young woman has decided to put a hook on him because she then asks Anais to give the head of the room a phone number. While he is jealous, Anais finds his contact details and gives them to his companion. If he finds it too flattering, Lisandro guarantees Anais that he has no cause for concern because he loved her madly.

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