After the resignation of Fast X manager Justin Lin, Michelle Rodriguez says the new manager has brought something Fast hasn’t had in “a long time”

The Fast & Furious The franchise is one of the most popular and financially successful. , movie franchises are disappearing today and the series is about to shoot its tenth chapter. Time all the popular characters that fans love will return x fast and many more impressive names are coming on board, one person who won’t be returning is frequent franchise manager Justin Lin, but star Michelle Rodriguez says that New x fast Director Louis Leterrier adds something special to the new movie.

Fans were more than a little worried when Justin Lin, who directed five Fast & Furious movies to date, deviated from management x fast due to unspecified creative differences. Since then, Lin has signed with conduct live action A fist movie . Instead, it was taken conveyor Director Louis Leterrier. Talk with THR In SDCC, Michelle Rodríguez said that, aunque estaba tan nerviosa como qualquiera por ver a Lin irse después de dos semanas de filmación, Leterrier united with an increíble cantidad de energía y amor por la franquicia that has enthusiasmado a todos de una manera que no they did. in a moment. Rodríguez said …

He came with all this energy of love. We haven’t done this in Fast and Furious in a long time, where we have someone turned on who is a true fan and really wants to take him where he’s never gone before. We’ve been here for 20 years, brother. After all this time, you get tired and forget why you are doing it. [until] a director like Louis walks in and reminds you: “It’s great. Let’s do some magic. We are so lucky to have you my brother.

Even when you’re directing one of the biggest movie franchises in the history of the world, it’s easy to become a job, just like any of us can fall into a rut. Michelle Rodríguez indicates that there may have been something similar in the cast of x fastbut now seeing someone new come in and be excited to be a part of it helped everyone remember when they were so excited.

Louis Leterrier is certainly not the only one joining x fast and clearly happy to be there. Jason Momoa and Brie Larson has also joined the franchise. With the new episode, and according to images and video from the set, the two are equally thrilled to be on board.

And it is certainly true that fresh blood can mean new ideas. Louis Leterrier may have ideas on what to do x fast that we simply would not have seen otherwise. While he may not have Justin Lin’s franchise experience, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Source: Cinemablend