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Mike Wolfe continues to be criticized for what’s happening to American collectors, but stays out of the mix


American collectors is currently streaming new episodes on History as part of the summer television program , but not all old fans agree with the new episodes. This has mainly to do with the History series which previously fired Frank Fritz and replaced him with Mike’s brother, Robbie Wolfe. The change sparked criticism online for months, but resumed after Wolfe announced that Fritz had been hospitalized after suffering a stroke. However, the longtime History host stayed out of the fray, opting instead to share articles on the choice and, of course, colleague Francie.

Mike Wolfe has been busy sharing positive messages Twitter and other social networks, often on the selection of experiences or moments of personal life. However, one of those recent posts highlights some examples of fans who are still upset by Frank’s absence and Robbie’s inclusion on the show. While the post itself was about swapping for an “AP Simms Fine Whiskey Decanter,” you can see an example of the kind of response the reality star received below.

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It is not the first time that the fans are shocked by Frank Fritz’s social media stuff and it is certainly not the last. Some fans seem to really feel American collectors she needs Frank and I talked about it. Apparently, these kinds of comments have been repeated in the wake of Frank Fritz’s recent hospitalization, but there still seems to be persistent discontent over Frank and Mike’s disbandment of the band. Ratings have also reportedly shown a decline in interest, although it should be noted that television ratings have dropped across the board as people continue to change their television viewing habits.

Of course, there are positive comments directed to Mike in the post. There are also a few other pro-Frank comments that are a little more polite than the previous ones, including a positive one about Robbie’s appearance on the show over the past two seasons.

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For his part, Mike Wolfe has definitely tried to stay above the fray. shared many collectors– posts targeted recently and went viral earlier this year after launching a special project with motorcycle enthusiast Jason Momoa. Perhaps the most intriguing social addition he has made is the post from his other new travel companion, aka Robbie.

In fact, her dog Francie made another absolutely adorable appearance as a friend on the road the other day. Look at that face!

Interest has likely increased around the series in the past few weeks for several reasons. As noted above, it was Mike who broke the news of Frank’s hospitalization, and Wolfe’s rep later had to follow up on a statement about “giving him time to heal” after fans shared their thoughts on how they were doing. going things. Secondly, American collectors It just happens that he started airing new episodes on Saturday, reminding people that Frank is gone and Robbie is the replacement again.

The good news? History may have canceled the series after all that hype, but those who enjoy watching the selection can still catch new episodes – and reruns with Frank to boot – on the History channel. In the meantime, we’ll be sure to let you know if Frank’s camp comments on any of these things.

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