Netflix: Restricted to children under 18, this Korean thriller stars John Wick and Memory in Cannes

New to Netflix’s catalog, Carter is an ultra-violent South Korean film restricted to under-18s. Shot in sequence, this action thriller is not lacking in blood, fighting and risky visual effects.

What is it about?

A man wakes up with amnesia. Guided by a mysterious voice from a device implanted in his ear, he embarks on a dangerous rescue mission.

who is he with

The main character Carter The role is played by Joe Vaughn, who was the hero of The Good Doctor, which gave an American remake of the same name with Freddie Highmore. The cast also includes Mike Colter, the former Luke Cage of the Marvel Universe, but also Camilla Bell (Les Sorceleuses, Terror sur la ligne).

CARTER Run, run

Warning to fans of Korean movies: Carter is breaking everything on Netflix, in every sense of the word. This action-packed thriller doesn’t skimp on the action scenes, which will tire you out throughout the 2 14-hour run of the film. You will come out of the feature film especially alert because, in addition to its breakneck pace, you should know that it was shot in sequence.

Although the cuts are noticeable, the camera movements are so jerky and jerky that the brain sometimes has a hard time keeping up with the action being narrated. In terms of violence, we’re catered for as the hemoglobin flows freely – with gunfire, knives and heads smashed on the ground – and fight sequences abound.

Because Carter has a lot of enemies hot on his heels, including the Korean government and the CIA. Only then did the amnesiac become a person with obvious special abilities. After waking up in a motel room, he is guided by a mysterious voice from a device in his ear calling him “Carter”.

As if his pursuit wasn’t clumsy enough, Carter has to save a kidnapped young girl, not just any. It is about the daughter of a prominent scientist who has found a cure for a terrible virus that has spread. Because, yes, the movie is also about the pandemic.

With its convoluted plot made up of twists and revelations that are meant to be spectacular, The Carter deserves its entertaining side, drawing on genre references such as John Wick, Memory at Cannes, The Last Train to Busan and The Matrix. But the film is also funny with its rather ugly visual effects, hinting at the green background and its false associations.

Source: allocine