Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Is Bullet Train the best movie of the week?

To help you choose, here are the 3 films of the week rated best by the press and the audience on AlloCiné!*

3 best films according to the press:

1: Hassan’s Promises – 3.5/5

“This film is luxurious. And so far from the norms, complacency and disorder of our time.” By Jerome Garcin (L’Obs)

“A delicate film of great formal beauty, alternately gritty and poignant.” By Adele Bossard-Janesin (Film Files)

2nd: Bullet Train – 3.3/5

“In Bullet Train, with spectacular choreography, Brad Pitt is brilliant as a Zen-loving, somewhat cocky killer in a cutthroat world.” By Etienne Sorin (Le Figaro)

“With twists and turns, the script is written like a game of pinball. As the ball that crashes into every obstacle, Brad Pitt is visibly having fun.” By Adrien Gombo (Les Echos)

3rd: Offset – 3.2/5

“The codes of a fantastic film can be located in the most unexpected places of European cinema, as evidenced by: En Décalage.” Emanuel Spadasenta (filmmaker)

“Brave and persistent, this is the perfect story of an ‘out of sync’ woman.” By Camille Nevers (Liberation)

3 best movies according to viewers:

1: Bullet Train – 3.8/5

“David Leich has outdone himself once again. A brilliantly written and well directed live action film.” by Arnhat.20

“Absolutely insane, well scripted, well shot, hyper paced, action packed and hilarious! By Sam L.

2nd draw: out of step – 3.5/5

“A fantastic film as well as a very successful personal drama. And with the incredible Marta Nieto, who was already brilliant in Madre.” Simon R.

“The strength of this film is the exceptional performance of Marta Nieto. by Vince

Tie 2: Superhero Lovers – 3.5/5

Marie’s “Very Beautiful Romantic Comedy”.

“A film full of love and a film that gives goodness to the heart” by Julien Chevillier.

* Based on AlloCiné Barometer ratings as of Friday, August 5, 2022, for movies that opened in theaters on August 3 with at least 10 top press reviews and 20 top audience ratings. These two tops do not include films released in France once or several times.

Source: allocine

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