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Sex Education on Netflix: Season 4 Loses Four Key Cast Members

No Ola, Lily, Miss Sands or Olivia in Season 4 of Sex Education! Indeed, as reported by Deadline, their respective interpreters – Patricia Allison, Tanya Reynolds, Raki Thakrari and Simone Ashley – are leaving the series, which will continue the adventure without these secondary characters, but which have become emblematic of the series.

While some simply wanted to pursue other opportunities, others couldn’t name their reasons, but all praised the show, which now seems to have room for equally important new characters.

Sex Education has officially been greenlit for a Season 4 in September 2021. It is not yet known when it will be broadcast, or even the tour. In the meantime, you can find the first 3 seasons available on Netflix.

Patricia Allison Ola Nyman

Ola appeared in episode 4 Sexual education and quickly befriended Otis (Asa Butterfield), whom she would eventually meet only to eventually break up in season two. Ola later realizes her pansexuality and repressed feelings for LilyTanya Reynolds) with whom he will start a difficult relationship.
On the family side, it is not easy there either. The daughter of Jacob (Mikael Persbrandt) – Jean Milburn’s (Gillian Anderson) companion – she had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that her father was going to have a baby with Otis’s mother, and it was out of existence. His own mother, however, eventually came to terms with it.
his translator Patricia Ellison He announced on Capital EXTRA radio that he wanted to devote himself to other projects: “I liked sex education and I really liked playing Ola, but unfortunately I won’t be joining the team this season. 4. I am very sorry. I have to tell you guys this, but I’m just busy with other things. Other possibilities appeared. “

Tanya Reynolds Lily Iglehart

Lily Iglehart and her erotic alien comics – in which she even enjoys starring roles – will be sorely missed. Often lost in her fantasy world of space, planets and aliens, the silly young girl spends much of her time on the show seeking her own sex education, never shying away from expressing herself openly. – and actively tries to establish a relationship with some boys at school. After falling for Otis, he eventually falls in love with Ola, with whom he has a passionate but complicated affair.
“It’s just a natural progression of this series,” he said Tanya Reynolds In an interview given to English Radio Times last month. “When you have such a large ensemble cast and so many characters, I think you have to let go of some old characters to make room for new ones, which is absolutely fine, that’s how it should be.”

Rakhi Takrari (Emily Sands)

Miss Sands is no longer teaching at Moordale! A caring teacher, an English teacher, was one – perhaps the only one – who discovered Maeve’s (Emma Mackie) potential and talent, which he never hesitated to protect even when she was about to be expelled.
Colin’s (Jim Howick) partner in the series, also known as Mr. Hendrix, the two accompanied their students on the now legendary school trip to the French War Memorial Museum during Season 3.
While some announced their departure earlier this year, it’s their turn What are you doing?, who was part of the show’s original cast, has bid farewell to the series…for reasons she can’t talk about! In an interview with the Daily Star Sunday, he said: “I am not part of the new season. I really can’t say why. But I’m very proud of the show and grateful to have been a part of something important. There is nothing wrong with sex education.”

Simone Ashley Olivia Hannan

Ruby (Mimi Keane) and Anwar (Shail Kular) lose their best friend in this way… Despite his very minor role in the series, Olivia Hannan still noticed. She is a member of the Untouchables, but is primarily Otis’s first official client in his sex therapy business.
a few months ago Simone Ashley She actually announced her departure from the series, after which she was privileged to play Kate Sharma in Shonda Rhimes’ now-iconic series, The Chronicle of the Bridgertons.

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