The new “Predator” beats Schwarzenegger’s classic Rotten Tomatoes

The new film in the long-running science fiction series “Predator”, which arrived on the Star + platform on Friday (5/8), garnered the most positive reviews of all the titles in the saga produced since the 1980s.

With 93% approval on the Rotten Tomatoes aggregator, “The Predator: The Hunt” (Prey) easily surpassed 80% of the first feature film, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987. To give you an idea, the third best film , according to US criticism, it is “Predators”, of 2010, which amounts to 65%.

Disney’s option to stream the film also reflects how the franchise has been devalued by weak releases. The most recent is 2018’s “The Predator,” which only had an approval rating of 33% and posted a loss with a box office gross of $ 168 million worldwide.

The fifth “Predator” is distinguished by an unprecedented approach in the franchise, characterized by a fight between an alien hunter and a Comanche tribe.

The plot takes place 300 years ago and highlights a female protagonist, a warrior despised by her tribe for being a woman, but who hunts mountain lions and believes she is a survival expert. The character has the best development of anyone who has faced the Predator. In addition, the cast also features the interpretation of Amber Midthunder (the rose of “Roswell, New Mexico), composed only of Native American and Native American actors. By the way, the casting makes science fiction a more representative work than many conventional westerns. .

The screenplay was written by Patrick Aison, best known for action and spy series (such as “Jack Ryan” and “Treadstone”), and the production was shot completely silently in Calgari, Canada, under the direction by Dan Trachtenberg.

“The Predator: The Hunt” is only the second feature by Trachtenberg, who passed away after debuting with the big science fiction film “10 Cloverfield Street” six years ago. Since then, he has shot four episodes of the series: “Black Mirror”, “The Boys” and the pilots of the already canceled “The Lost Symbol” and the upcoming “Waterworld” (based on the film of the same name). But his talent was once again confirmed by the many awards received by the new production.

Watch the trailer below.

Source: Terra